Plex 24/10/40


i got a major problem…

I have noticed that my burner is not been able 2 burn cds anything faster than 5mins+ …

I have tried 2 burn a vcd [743mb] took me 12mins… both in nero & clonecd…

If i do music I burn in nero 5-6 mins… I think these times are teribble

I have the plextor flashed now 2 [1.03]… & i have a Toshiba 1612 dvd & a Asus 50x cdrom

The plex & tosh is hooked up 2 a Promise Ultra 100tx 2 each one on their on channel…

If you have ATA connectors on your motherboard I suggest that you use them instead of the controler card. The plextor and the other CD rom can’t use that much bandwidth anyway. They top out at ATA 33.

Once you have this setup just make sure you have the DMA engaged in the device manager under the ATA controler that is for your motherboard.

As far as I know the controler card should be able to work with CD roms, but this option can’t hurt to try.

My plextor usually times at below 4 min unless it is held up by my CD reader.



I did think of this but I feel that I should work perfectly with my card…

I bought it cause I wanted 2 buy another Toshiba dvd & another Plex…

I have presently

Asus 50x
LS 120 3 1/2 floppy [ide]
TOshiba 1612
Plex 24/10/40
Hard drive

Can anyone give me some advice on the best connection possible 4 top speed transfer rates???


The only thing I can think of is perhaps you don’t have DMA enabled on the plextor? do a simulated read and burn with cdspeed and see what happens.

with it being on the controller card dma is always on!!!

I want 2 switch it & use the controller on my motherboard instead but i need some ideas with my setup

the downside i have noticed with the plex over my old Plex 8/20 [scsi] it can’t read all disc …

My friend just 4 the hell of it has been testing his own so call copy protection & adds 96 more tracks 2 a few of his playstation game s 2 c if i can copy them … i used 2 with ease with my old Plex within 8-12 mins but now the cds cannot b read with my new Plex … it just behaves as if their isn’t a disc inside & sometimes freezes the system…

Which again kinda want me 2 just wait 4 another faster burner 2 replace this so called great burner that everyone seems 2b talking about!!!

I have a Promise ATA 100 controller and initially I hooked up the 24/10/40 to it, just because it was handy, and most of the times I inserted a cd into the drive my pc would freeze, I was going crazy with it. Just for the sake of it I plugged the Plex to the motherboard instead of the Promise and everything started working fine, since then Promise acknowlegded to me there might be a problem with their drivers…didn’t care to try, the only reason I bought it was to use my Seagate Barracuda ATA IV.

Promise controllers and CD/DVD-ROM drives don’t mix a friend of mine as the exact same problem I had but with different combination of drives.

You didn’t mention what kind of media you used for the recordings you did, you are aware that even 24X “certified” media doesn’t garantee a 24X recording.

very interesting…

anyway i did redo my system put both the plex & tosh dvd on the board… Plex being on the Secondary Master & the Toshiba on the Primary [Slave} … Updated 2 the latest Via 4 in 1 drivers & now i’m getting faster burns…

Michael Jackson [latest album] 77:10:51 [779mb]= 4:14

Rush hr 2 66:46:55 [674mb]=3:48

Usher 8701 [enhanced cd] 67:29:67 [646mb] = 4:23

VCD that i greated 743mb= 11:50 [this is still very disturbing 2 me as i feel it should b burnt much faster than that since on my old Plex 8/20 it did it in around 9mins

So ok music & data cds are burning with great speed but my vcd’s are burning dead slow…

Now I did notice that both my read & recorder buffer would never remain 97-99% in [Nero] which would lead me 2 think that the data transfer rate between the 2 is not fast enough… but how much faster of a reader shal i get since the Toshiba 1612 claims 2b 48x[don’t debate this]

I did buy the Promise card i was going 2 buy another burner & reader…

I have tried Sony 24x [crap] & now using tdk 24x

Another problem that i’m still getting is that Plextor can’t recognise certain disc that has been modified by a friend of mine [protection]

I know it can b read cause my Tosh analizes the disc may take between 8-24sec but it does…

Any suggestions…

Originally posted by DJMRLONG

Sony 24x [crap]

Sony CD-R media is high quality, @ 24X with my Plex 2410A
Only that it changes 2mins late in actual recording (instead of reaching 24X at 16mins it does it @ 18mins)
No big deal, the only CD-Rs I use :slight_smile:

I just thought about this.

When the CD is being burned the Plextor changes speed allong the way. It starts at 16X and checks to see if the burn is going OK before going any faster. If it decides things are alright it moves to 20X. It does one more check before it finally runs flat out at 24X.

If your flashed to firmware version 1.03 your light should be flashing faster as it moves through the differant speeds. It goes green for a second as it checks the burn and then moves to the faster speed. You should get two green flashes and a speed change of the light each time if your trully running at 24X.

If your getting more flashes of green your Plextor is running out of data to write, and the burn proof feature has stoped the laser until it has more data to write.

This may help you figure out what’s causing the delay.