Plex 1210a firmware update 104

Anyone have a copy of the Plextor 1210a Firmware update 104?

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here you can get de files for you plextor PX-1210s and the ps124tsi


Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

Just to let you know, I’ve read somewere that the
firmware for the Plex 1210 isn’t working properly.
Read it some time ago and don’t know the version
number anymore but be careful before flashing.

My motto is: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Some rumors about early firmware for the Plex being able to copy sd2 :slight_smile:

Hallo together,

I´m searching for the firmware-version 1.04 for the PlexWriter 1210A, too. And now the link above is broken, does anyone have another link for me?

You´ll helping me a lot!

Thanks in advice to all of you.


download it here @ official site of plextor

sometimes you can find your answer to your question with the search engine, just like know :wink:


thank you for your help, but it isn´t the right filesize. All update-files from Plextor have a filesize from about 500 kBytes. But this file is 440 kByte, its a modified one…



i have the 104 530kb you can down load it from my site

thnx 4 sharing it with us tgr