Plex 121032A Q's from a newbie

How can I get my Plex to read sub channel data?
Should I upgrade the firmware? I found 1.09.
What is TLA?
What is AWS?

Have patiance with the ignorant and knowlage will grow.

AWS is Amplify Weak Sectors it is used with clonecd to make workable SD2 copies.
if your drive doesn’t support reading sub channel data I doubt it can be fixed with a firmware upgrade

The TLA # stands for the hardware revision. There are some differences between the various TLA#'s

The Plex was a gift from a friend, I shall seek the hardware revision number. I did find it unusal that it would not read subchannel data for it was on a list of recommend CR-Rs for use with CloneCD. Glad my old HP 8200i works well.
To be noted, when I installed CloneCD3.0.5.1 it said it would not set up the AWS feature because my comp indicatered I lived in the USA. I shall change my regional settings in the Control Panel and attemped it again, I would be receptive to hints and suggestions.:slight_smile:

using the aws function in clone cd will make it possible for you (with your type of writer ) to make working copies of sd2 protected cd ’ s , or you can use betablocker to patch the weak sectors of a clone cd image .
forget about the firmware upgrade , it will not help you to solve the problem of not reading subchannel data ,

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AFAIK, the scsi version reads subs (96 byte) but the atapi does not! check back the clonecd hardware list.

Both my plextor 1210A’s read subchannel data. Subchannel data reading have always worked witm my two drives, with all tested firmware versions(I’ve tested all from 1.01 and up to 1.09).

But I know that there is some drives(one batch or two) that don’t support it. The problem seems worse if 3rd party IDE drivers is installed(such as Intel, Via(4in1 pack), SiS, ALi and others), try to use onle the standard MS IDE drivers that that is included with the OS. Some have also reported that if they run the drive in ATA33 mode the preoblem disappear(to run it in ATA33 short two pins on the rear left with a jumper(unsupported feature!)).

And yes it backs up SD2 when AWS is checked :smiley:

Updating firmware did nothing. I changed my regional settings and got AWS to work in CloneCD. I’ve also checked with CloneCD website,

“This is usually caused, because of a conflict between the Software “Plextor Manager” and CloneCD. To use CloneCD with Plextor CD-ROMs, you must uninstall Plextor Manager and reboot your computer. If you still have problems under Windows 95/98, make sure, that the file AUDIOFS.VXD is deleted from the WINDOWS/SYSTEM/IOSUBSYS directory.”

I have removed PlexManger and confirmed the .VXD file is NOT present. My TLA# 0308. I wish I could confirm if this ones is one of the batch that can not read subchannel data. The person I got it from said it does, at least for him.
It has been noted that mother drivers, IDE drivers my be at fault, My MB is a ASUS A7A266 and I do have the latest drivers from ASUS installed.