Plex 121032a and RAW 16

Sorry if this has already come up [my first post!]

Can the plex 121032A do RAW subchannel 16??

I’m asking because I just tried to copy GunMan Chronicles which has secuROM protection (subchannel 16, if I have my facts straight), and it failed.

In CDRWIN it said the recorder won’t accept the cuesheet (image) file, something Ive never seen before.

And when I burnt it with CloneCD the copy didn’t work…even in my own plex drive! All other copy protections seem to copy fine if I run them in my own drive.

I’m running firmware 1.08 (non-downgradeable below 1.05, as recent TLA#).

Anyone know if I should be able to copy sub 16?


dont know, but on CloneCD site (i guess u have read this) it says ur plex 1210A (i gather that the corresponding drive on clonecd list to your drive) is capable of RAW 96 however its best supported read mode for sub data is only RAW. Hope this is of use?