Plex 12/4/32 +sd2?



Indeed they cannot copy SafeDisc 2. However there have been reports that this drive can do it when you have TLA#0201 or TLA#0202 (you can find this number on the unit itself) and when FirmWare 1.4 is used. If you have a different TLA# it will not work with SD2 :frowning:

Check my SafeDisc 2 compatible burners list here.

my plextor have TLA#0500
copy operation flashpoint and land warriors 2001 and work

A friend of mine has a 12/4/32 that copies SD2, dont know what TLA# but its firmware 1.01

@soppe 2000:

Are you sure it works because I really doubt it… New TLA# will make back-ups that work in the recorder only…


Great but the question was on the 1210A (IDE version)… :slight_smile:


Gamefreak: soppe 2000 asks for info on 12/4/32 (TS124) & SD2


or you should be VERY lucky…

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[B]Gamefreak: soppe 2000 asks for info on 12/4/32 (TS124) & SD2

Cheers [/B]
Yes indeed :slight_smile: My fault :o