Plese stop blaming clonecd!

everyone is so quick to judge olli’s fantastic program, i have no problem copying and playing safedisc 2 and higher protected games with my tosh1612/lite on 48125w…i dont even have to enable hide cdr media…i just read at max and burn with 6x or less and i never get a coaster, even with earlier versions of clonecd safedisc was toast… so if u have problem itcould be due to lack of compatibility or because everyone has there pc figured a little different.

Everyone can express their opinions freely here. :slight_smile: Me, and I think a lot of others are happy with Clone CD. Easiness, quality and stability makes Clone CD my number 1 burning software. Alcohol 120% and Blind Read/Write, are of course, excellent prog’s… So, can’t really blame anyone for suggesting them. :slight_smile: