Please: Why can't my ASUS CRW 5224A with CCD copy a SD 2.8 protected game?



:confused: Please be gentle on me - I new here. I have looked at almost any posting regarding SD 2.8 before posting this, but none seems to be able to solve my problem.

I have a ASUS 4 sheep writer that I would like use to copy The Sims Unleased.

The copy is done with one pc, and the game is installed and played on another pc. The game pc has only one cd drive: ASUS DVD ROM-E616.

I have tried several profiles that should be suitable for my ASUS and SD 2.8 and both with and without amplify weak sektor, but just got toasters.

The copy could be used for installation, but the game will not play from the copy. (I get a software error) The original cd plays from the game installed with a copy, so I guess the installation is OK.

I have tried burning with high and low speeds, different brands of high quality media (Kodak and Fuji etc.) - still no luck.

Please does anyone have suggestions for me?

Thank you


Use disc Dump + fireburner as stated here:


Thanks. We’ve just ordered a backup.

I’m just a little disapointed to find out that Clone CD isnt the ‘Swiss knife’ to copy anything even with one of the ‘super’ cd-writers that I got to this specific purpose.



Unfortunately clonecd isn’t wholly reliable with safedisc 2.8 at the moment. Works perfectly for FutureProof with his Asus writers, doesn’t work for me. (If you want to use ccd, the correct setting for weak sectors for your writer though is Ignore. Should work with that setting with your writer but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.)

Problem appears to be system related rather than related to specific writers. Speculation is that emulation of weak sectors gets stuck on irrespective of settings used. Hopefully the problem will be fixed with the next release.

In the meantime, if you can’t get ccd to do the job, you have a variety of alternatives, any of which should work with your writer (same as one of mine).

They are discjuggler (arguably best for reasons I won’t go into here but do a search if you want more info), discdump/fireburner, alcohol and gamejack. Other programs such as blindwrite, cd-mate and burnatonce may also work but, like ccd, each of these may also fail.


Thanks a lot

I’ll look in to discjuggler and maybe also some of the others mentioned.

I’ll also look for a SafeDisc 2.8 patch if one exists.

Thor :wink: