Please welcome our new moderator, JReynolds

Please join me in welcoming JReynolds our latest moderator.
JR, as you may have noticed has already published a review, and will also be undertaking “enterprise grade SSD” testing and reviews, using a professional enterprise grade test bench provided by OakGate Technology.

I’ve known JR for quite a while, and he’s very knowledgeable on SSDs, among other things, and is also a nice guy.

Welcome to the Myce moderator team, JR. :flower:

Welcome to the team, Jeremy.

Congratulations on your modhood, [B]JReynolds[/B]! :flower:

Hi Jeremy, you know that if I can help you in any way just ask. Welcome to the team, darn I wish we could have a group hug right now LOL:bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:

Hey JR, greetings from the world of CDFreaks, storage nerds, and general tech geeks!:flower:


Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard, JReynolds :clap:

Hey JR you’ll make a great MOD

Welcome JR and congratulations on your appointment to this task.

You have joined an elite team and I am envious that you will be working with such a great crew.

Looking forward to your future contributions.


Welcome JReynolds. :clap:

Dallas is long due…
So no JR’ s from me in future. :flower:

Deleted the rest. :stuck_out_tongue:

[QUOTE=pinto2;2682823]Welcome JReynolds. :clap:

Dallas is long due…
So no JR’ s from me in future. :flower:

Deleted the rest. :p[/QUOTE]
You guys from Europe think everyone with the initials JR stand for JR Ewing? Ever think it may be someone’s initials?:bigsmile::bigsmile: You are funny Karl.:slight_smile:

/Way off topic./
My appologies for any (“wrong European wording”) to our new mod [I][B]JReynolds[/B][/I] :sad:

But then, [I]alan1476 [/I] still is an agressive guy as always… :rolleyes:
For future, I think this can chill you mods down, Shania Twain. :smiley:

//karl aka pinto2. (The bad guy in the pack.) :bigsmile:

Welcome! JReynolds.
Glad you are here.
I just wish I knew something about SSDs, perhaps I can learn in the future!

My broadband has been down for a few days and it is great to get back and be greeted by such a warm welcome.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

Kind regds, Jeremy ( a.k.a. JR :slight_smile: )