Please welcome Balthazar2k4 as Trusted Member


We’re testing a new user group that is possible with our forum software Discourse. The software allows us to give extra privileges to users who have been contributing a lot and who’ve become respected members. The feature is called ‘Trust Levels’. Until level 3 this goes automatically and anyone on the forum will be automatically upgraded by the software when eligible.

However, trust level 4 is a manual promotion and we now call these new users ‘Trusted Members’.

Trusted Members can assist us in moderating the forum and to ‘fix’ things they see going wrong without first consulting a staff member. Obviously they would also be excellent candidates to become staff member if they like their new privileges and do well.

The first Trusted Member of all time is @Balthazar2k4 and we would like to congratulate him with his new status!

Most privileges are administrative, Trusted Members can’t ban users.

For now, we hope you will all welcome @Balthazar2k4 in his new ‘job’, it’s an experiment to see how it goes, so please be kind to both Balthazar2k4 and us :wink:

If you have additional feedback or questions regarding this change, my PM Is always open!


Congrats with the promotion,Balthazar2k4!:metal:


Welcome Balthazar2k4


Sorry for the delay, but I was out buying the 4K BDs I said I wasn’t going to buy. :rofl: Think it might be time for a 12 step program to help me with my addiction.

Thank you @DoMiN8ToR and the rest of the MyCE crew for the honor. I look forward to being the guinea pig in this experiment.


Congrats @Balthazar2k4


Welcome Balthazar2k4


Congratulations and welcome @Balthazar2k4 :clapping:


Congratulations, Balthazar! Does this mean they gave you a key to the minibar? :smiley:


I was told it was in the mail :thinking:


Congratulations for your “upgraded” status @Balthazar2k4


Congrats! You’ve been a solid presence here and have helped myself and many others. Cheers!


Welcome @Balthazar2k4 and congratulations on your upgrade. :clapping:


Welcome & congratulations. :slight_smile: