Please We Need a VISTA forum

I am Not one to Nag But I would Love a Vista Forum for People that Use Vista Or Will in The Future.:flower:

Every time I search for Vista Problems ( there are to Many Options ) and I Dont Know where to Start.
Thanking you :bow:

Diane ( di)

di loves VISTA :flower: PC would Be Boring without Challanges :bigsmile:

Yes di challenges are great and good for us but must M$ challenge us every time they produce a new product!:a
You would think that they could get it right by now.:smiley:

I guess there is no need for a Vista forum, because there is no need for Vista :wink:

But why a special Vista forum? Ist there a special XP forum, or Win2000 or better Win9x… or yes … Windows for Workgroups 3.11? I guess the problems can be discussed very good in the “General Software” area.

We already discuss Vista in every forum on the board, if we had a forum specificly for Vista it would be a mess, people would be discussing DVD problems and installation problems in the same thread. Its better to keep the problems with Vista specifics to the programs they have a problem with, all other problems can be discussed in the Gen Software Forum. Just my opinion.

I’m a Vista Newby, and I totally agree that we don’t really need a forum for this…

CD Freaks’ main focus is digital storage and related subjects. This doesn’t mean that other subjects have no place in our forums, but it does mean that our forums are structured around this subject.

This means that Vista problems with particular burning software is best discussed in the section of that burning software because there you will find the specific expertise you may need. General Vista problems can of course be discussed in the General Software section.

I am used to thinking in generalists and specialists when it comes to a knowledge based community. Specialists of a particular burning software may not visit a general Vista forum, which may lead to unanswered questions in that general forum (or crossposts :wink: ).

The above does, however, not mean that if a lot of specific Vista questions arise that do not belong in already existing subforums, we will not establish a Vista forum. But I think that at the moment there are too little of these Vista questions that warrant such a Vista section (yet).

Thanks for all the impute. Only wanted to see how people feel. :flower:

i just remember someone mentioning a Vista sub forum when it first came out ( ok that was before everyone hated it so much :bigsmile:)