Please vote for our site!

Hello everyone,

I know this is a little blunt, but we’re participating in a little website contest and we are lacking voters… :wink: I know that this is a very big community and I am about to find out whether you will be able to boost our ranking! :bigsmile:

Don’t get scared away by the fact that the site for voting is in German - it’s easy enough even for a Japanese to place a vote! Just click on the following link

and put your checkmark next to the entry that says

“Klomanager - Die offizielle Internetseite”

and enter the security code on the bottom of the page bevor you hit the vote button!

This is a fun contest and we appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


One more thing: I don’t know whether my posting violates the rules of this forum. If so, I want to apologize and ask the moderators to simply delete it!

Hi guys,

Sorry to move yet another thread here! Wasn’t sure if this could be classed as Spam, or not.


Personally i think this is a grey area, they are not trying to sell anything but are trying to boost their websites rankings.

I think it’s best to leave it here for now, and wait and see other staff members opinions.

:iagree: Grey area is right!

We have allowed similar threads in the past…

Difficult thing is that we don’t allow people to simply promote their website. However, if they ask help/comments on their website, it is generally allowed…unless of course it is a commercial website where personal gain is involved.

In this case I’d say, allowed until it gets out of hand (as often happens in LR :wink: )

I agree with Tax. I think it’s fine. Oh btw, his website is very nice.

Thanks guys, i’ll cleanup and move it back now, as Arachne should still be able to read the comments. :wink: