Please TUTOR me in ENGLISH! >_<

well i don’t really know how to read numerical numbers in english, i’ve learn it in high school and i remember there’s an easy way to memorize it, but i forgot about that too, so i need you help.

teach me how to read the following numbers:

-50000 (is this fifty thousand?)
-51431 (is this fifty one thousand, four hundred and thirty one?)

-700,000 (is this seven hundred thousand ?)
-745,798 ( is this seven hundred n forty five thousand, seven hundred n ninty eight?)

-800,000,0 (how do i read this?)
-856,345,7 (how do i read this?)

-900,000,00(how do i read this?)
-900,000,00(how do i read this?)

-400,000,000 (i have no clue)
-481,765,341(i have no clue)

[B]*please correct me if i made any mistakes in the ones i know.

*pelase teach me all the other ones i don’t know, every single one of them, please.[/B]

i know i might be asking alot, but please help me if you can, i really need to learnt this, thanks for all the help.

thank you.

Top two are fine

-800,000,0 (how do i read this?) -> 8,000,000 -> Eight million
-856,345,7 (how do i read this?) -> 8,563,457 -> Eight million five hundred and sixty three thousand four hundred and fifty seven

-900,000,00(how do i read this?) -> 90,000,000 -> Ninty million

-400,000,000 (i have no clue) -> 400,000,000 -> Four hundred million
-481,765,341(i have no clue) -> 481,765,341 -> Four hundred and eighty one million seven hundred and sixty five thousand three hundred and forty one.

hope that helps

any number with a “,” and anything other than 3 numbers to the right is bogus.

“,”'s are used for 10 to the 3rd, 6th, 9th etc

my head is gonna blow

i understand some of it, it’s just too, well, too much, is there a easier way or a trick to learn these?

also, there’s no such number as this? 800,000,0

thanks for the help.

800,000,0 is the same thing as 8,000,000. In English, they put commas in the numbers going from right to left. Maybe it’s backwords from other parts of the world, i don’t know really. I think the reason you find this so difficult to comprehend is because you have yourself freaked out about it. It’s actually quite easy if you just tell yourself you can do it. If you have any questions, i’ll be here to help :wink:

start at the right hand side of the number and move left putting a comma in after every 3rd digit.

8000000 = 8,000,000 = eight million.

Well put Reasons…that’s what i was TRYING to say at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to make things a little more complicated, in some parts of the world including most of the English speaking part, commas “,” are used to separate thousands and periods “.” are used to separate the integer number from the fraction, like this:

8,345,120.46 = eight million three-hundred and forty-five thousand one-hundred and twenty [B]point[/B] four six.

In other parts of the world, however, such as much of Europe, the use of “comma” and “period” are reversed like this:

8.345.120,46 = eight million three-hundred and forty-five thousand one-hundred and twenty [B]comma[/B] four six.

If you see a number like 123,456 or 123.456 you need to know if the number is written in one delimiter system or another in order to interpret it correctly, because the structure of the number itself doesn’t tell you enough to know whether the comma or period is used as a 1000-delimiter or as a fraction-delimiter.

This should make the confusion complete! :wink:

Wikipedia: Decimal separator

europeans never figured out how to confuse scientific notation, did they?

The comma has no effect on the value of a number. All it does is make
it easier for humans to read it. We put a comma every three digits to
match the way we say numbers in English, by thousands.

In English-speaking countries, the decimal point (decimal marker)
is the period. In continental Europe and most other places, the
decimal marker is the comma. … Since the comma often means a
decimal point, the International System (SI) requires that large
numbers, like the billions above, be represented as groups of
three digits separated by narrow spaces, not by commas.

heres a great place to get some help