Please tell me if this is a good Deal

Dear Friends,
I found a good deal on a DVD burner at Best Buy but I can’t seem to find any information about it on the Web. I was hoping that some of you might know something about it or where I might be able to find some information myself. If you do know something maybe you might know about the software that comes with it (anything would be appreciated). The name of the unit is BUSlink 4XDVD+RW/+R Dual – Format Drive, and the cost is 79.00 after store and manufacturer rebates. The sale ends this Saturday the 7th. Thanks in advance, you guys are always on top of things.
Uncle Bob

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If it’s this drive then it is most likely a LiteOn 411S/451S. Compare the specs to the LiteOn drive. Seem a little similar? :wink:

AFAIK Smart-Burn is a copyrighted name that only LiteOn uses. The BusLink burner says it has Smart-Burn so I’m 99% sure it’s a LiteOn 411S/451S.
A great little drive. Plus the community support for LiteOn around here is amazing. Take a gander at the LiteOn forums here at CDfreaks and you will see they are always busy. Check the guide in my signature for a list of neat tools available for LiteOn DVD burners.

PS- This is not a media question at all. You should have posted it somewhere else :smiley:

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The only way to be completely sure, with Buslink, is to open the box and look at the drive. Buslink has been known to substitute burners with different specs than are printed on the box. But the LiteOn is a high possibility.