Please tell me if this is a good Deal (follow up)

Dear Friends,
I found a good deal on a DVD burner at Best Buy but I can’t seem to find any information about it on the Web. I was hoping that some of you might know something about it or where I might be able to find some information myself. If you do know something maybe you might know about the software that comes with it (anything would be appreciated). BUSlink 4XDVD+RW/+R Dual – Format Drive. I wrote this question originally acouple of weeks ago & was told by some on this forum that BUSlink was a company that buys other DVDRW’s and sells them as theirs. Some of you said it was probably a LITEON, but to check the drive and see. I’ve looked all over the Drive and can’t find anything but BUSlink. If you know what I should be looking for please help me find it. BUSlink is impossible to get hold of. That’s why I depend on you guys (and gals).
Thanks again & God Bless
Uncle Bob

LiteOn has an unmistakable face and case.
Note the convex surface of the tray.