Please Teacher



I have a Mac g4. I want to backup my copy of the anime, Please Teacher - disc 4. The problem is that my computer will not ‘see’ the disc. I had some troouble with the first three discs of the series but all were able to be backed-up. (My computer has no problem with other discs.)

Does anyone have any suggestions?



I guess disc 4 is even more protected than the other parts. Can you run it through Windows XP?


Nope for Win. XP I am on a Mac.


I heard once that there is a key, or keys, which when held down during the insertion of a dvd or cd will bypass all copyright protection. Is this true and if so what keys would be pressed - on a Macintosh if-you-please.

I have a dvd which I want to back-up but my computer cannot ‘see’ it.


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Only thing I ever heard of was holding down the Shift key to stop a disc auto-running.


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