Please teach me about my new GSA-4163B

Hey guys, I was hopeing someone here might be able to shed some light on my new 4163B burner.

I had a Benq 1620, but it was faulty, sent it back and it was replaced with this new drive?? I didn’t receive any cds with drivers or firmware on them at all.

So yeh, unfortunately I have no idea about this drive. And the LG site is pretty useless, so useless infact that they don’t even list this drive as one of their products!

So yeh, just a few questions:

Does this drive have the Rom-bitsetting like the Benq drives? and is it as easy to implement like the benq bitsetting tool?

I use TDK DVD+R 8x media because its cheap here in Australia and the Benq drives really like it. The codes are CMC MAG E01.

I did some tests with this media because thats what people seem to do…

So I created a data cd using the nero tool… Whats up with the crazy speed jumps at the start there? Is that normal?

Then I ran all the other little tests nero has to offer:

And then I try the ‘Disc quality test’ but its greyed out? Isn’t that what I want for the other crazy tests that give graphs and stuff that show any errors in burning the media?

Thanks for any help anyone can give :slight_smile:

Your 4163 will do bitsetting on +R only and it needs to be reset each time the drive is powered on. You can use CDSpeed to do this. CMC is just marginal media but the LG should do as well as any drive. I have found my 4163 does as well or better than each of my other 6 drives so you should be happy. I would stick with TY or MCC media. The reason you have quality test greyed out is that your LG will not do scanning, nor will it rip at a fast clip. It will deliver very good burns, however and is an excellent drive.

You should also upgrade to A105 and see how people do with A106, which was just released.

How do I upgrade the firmware, and where would I find it?

should you choose to upgrade to 105 (highly recommended) for your bitsetting needs
you could also use disc juggler to burn with it has an auto bitsetting feature which
works brilliantly with my 4163 this feature is enabled by default in juggler also burns dual layer discs superbly

Nero, DVD Decrypter & ImgBurn will also do bit setting at burn time for you once that option has been set within the app.

The 4163B is an older model by now, so it may not be listed on certain LG websites (depending on country). Having said that, I’ve noticed LG doesn’t properly list all their burners on some of their websites anyway.

As others have already mentioned, the 4163B will do bitsetting for DVD+R and DVD+DL discs, but not DVD+RW. It can be set with various burning programs but the setting will only last till you reboot the system. It isn’t permanent like using Qsuite with your BenQ.

There is a sort of a workaround to this : use a little program which sets the book type to DVD-ROM for you every time you boot up. See this thread for more details (thanks to alexnoe) :

If you use that, you won’t need to bother about bitsetting in burning programs anymore.

The huge jump between 6x and 8x is normal for the 4163B at 8x. You’re probably used to the 1620’s more gradual rise to 8x. The 4163B uses a different kind of write technique from the BenQ, called Z-CLV. Discs which can be burned at 12x on this writer will have two sudden jumps like that, from 6x-8x, then later from 8x-12x.

You’re not going to like this, but that option is greyed out because the 4163B cannot do quality scans. No LG writer can do quality scans, AFAIK. There isn’t anything you can do about this. This is why I have both a 4163B and a BenQ DW1640.

Firmware updates come in the form of little programs you just run, like the ones for your 1620. You can get them from here :

Click on Device-Driver->DVD-ROM(Writer)

As others have mentioned, A105 is the latest. A106 has sort of been released unofficially but stick with A105 for now as it is tried and tested.