Please suggest Drag and Drop Software for data DVD+RW

I have a relatively low cost NEC DVD+RW burner (ND-3550A), but have never tried it on DVDs. I would like to be able to Drag and Drop files onto DVD data discs. Can I do this with Windows XP? Otherwise, what is the recommended software. (Freeware welcome, but I am happy to pay the right price for the right product to get the job done. Also, I may, someday, be interested in burning backup copies of my DVD movies.) Please help. Sorry for such a basic question.

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What you are searching for is a so-called “packet writing” software. There are some like Nero InCD (I must confess that I don’t know if it’s free or not) or Sonic DLA, but I suggest to stay away from these softwares because they cause a lot of problems.

Many and many users complained about data loss and unrecoverable discs after using these softwares.

The most reliable way to do this thing is using RAM discs (not RW discs) with proper Panasonic drivers. However, you need also a burner able to write on RAM discs and RAM discs are also painly slow :frowning:

I have been using roxio drag to disk for 5-6 yrs and have only had problems with dvd rw’s you can format a cdr or dvd -/+r and d&d files as you would to a floppy or hard drive. I now use dvd ram the same way, speed is about the same as cd or dvd not slow for this purpose. I have a dvd ram drive

Roxio’s DragtoDisk is the only one I’d suggest using. Up and including Roxio 7.5 it works well. Beyond 7.5 I’ve no idea but Roxio is moving over to Sonic’s way of doing things which I’m not impressed with.

Pinnacle also offers Instant CD+DVD that Plextor bundles with some boxed drives, besides offering also Nero Express as regular burner.
Nero’s InCD referred above is a paid stuff.
All packet writting software is prone to cause problems, at least conflicting with other software.
Record/reading failures are part due to the software but also to the media.
RWs are short living and better not trust only on them to keep your files/backups.
the 1000 times seem quite a lot but if you use them too frequently and measure this by the number of times TOC is changed…better to consider it for temporary storing only and burn regular DVDs (+ or -) for copies you want to keep for longer periods.
DVD-RAM as geno888 says it is a much more reliable option, as it checks for data integrity by the time of burning, can be used up to 100 000 (the old “slow” 5x, because the 12x fall shorter), have a longer life expectancy and the indicated driver is reliable and offers some more facilities as writting lock.