Please suggest BD burning quality surface test applications


Doesn’t look thermal problem, when sequential tests 1,2 are bad 3,4 are good
6 hours later sequential tests 5,6 are good and 7-9 bad again.

When test media outer edge tends to be miserable and in next test may be close to excellent, looks like disk reading is mishandled somehow.
Which never happens to Panasonic MEI
Sony Ritek has been also “stable - poor +/- 10%” as scan above in this posting.


What Blu Ray surface scanning test options are with drives listed below?

  1. ready 2. needs FW update/downgrade/ 3. Crossflashing 4. something else?

LG BH16NS40 16X
LG BD-RW CH12-NS40 retail package version


I only know the BH16NS55 which can be crossflashed to WH16NS58 which can scan LDC and BIS


Here are 5 scans from my 112


I noticed also Samsung SE-506BB USB in some Blu Ray surface scan tests.
Does Samsung is surface scan capable out of the box?
Is there any difference with Samsung SE-506AB?

I posted some SONY-NN3-002 tests and irritating photos


Dunno, the AB, but the BB can scan out of the box

The Lite scans very different

Overall, the Samsung is not good, not in reading and not in writing. I use it very rarely