Please suggest BD burning quality surface test applications


So maybe you got one from a newer bunch of drives, I had 2 drives with CL0K



Switching trick works.
Increased reading speed to 4x. :slight_smile:


I did some surface tests.
I see most postings have tests result in full Opti Drive Window, while right click to graph saves only graph part.
Is there any trick how to save full screen?

But it’s not problem to me, because all test data is in my file name.


Menu -> File -> Screenshot :wink:



Is there any other settings which may influence test results?
I have burnt with Pioneer BDR-209EBK and LITE-ON IHBS112 Verbatim Data Life 6x media which test results look awful when read/tested with 8x. In comparision I add also screenshot of Panasonic results.
Is this Verbatim today indeed so awful or is there something wrong with test setup?
I did several test runs and results may differ significantly. Is it wise to run test at 8x? Perhaps it puts LITE-ON IHBS112 into its limits and results are not reliable anymore?
I tested burning also with Lite-On but same results with Verbatim CMCMAGBA5

Verbatim Data Life bought from Amazon Jan. 2019. Burning speed Pioneer 2x (same results at 4x)

Same disk 2 days later:

Same disk tested at 2x

Other Verbatim Data Life disk
1st run

2nd run 2 days later:

Panasonic media old stock more stable results.
1st test

2nd run 2 days later

Sony Ritek. One of 10 was coaster (Pioneer BDR-209EBK 4x writing I/O error). Not good but both test results are similar:
1st run

2nd run



That´s bad for BA5, is it a recent buy or older media?

Mediarange 6x should also use BA5, maybe you can find this media and try it


I have have bought Verbatim January, 2019.

  1. Verbatim 43804 1610-02 Data Life CMCMAG-BA5-000 cakebox of 10 - from local distributor
  2. Verbatim 43811 Datalife 6x Inkjet Printable (Pack of 25) CMCMAG-BA5-000 - from Amazon Germany.
    Both purchases seem to be of same quality if results at 8x speed are reliable.
    Actually haven’t noticed any so poor quality test results anywhere.

I added one 2x speed test above to earlier images.


Reply 2.

I have also bought last month

  1. Sony BNR25SP-IP 50ER Sony SONY-NN3-002 €1.8
  2. Verbatim BD-R 25GB 6x speed white blue 43742 M.A.B.L. VERBAT-IMe-000 €1.0
    Both are much better then Verbatim Data Life but still not as good as old Panasonic MEI-RA1-001 media

3. Sony BD-R 25GB 6x – 10 Cake Box RITEK-BR3-000 but its surface tests are not so good - somewhere in between…


I’d suggest to do the quality tests @ 4x read speed only, 8x usually leads to higher error rates in the outer areas of the discs.
If the scans of the CMC Verbatims above would look as bad @ 4x they’d be really bad, I’d suggest to contact Verbatim support about the discs.


The LIteOns are picky readers, my LG WH16NS58 show lower error at 12x speed than the LiteOn @8x

We can only guess which of these drives are closer to the truth.

But LiteOn can scan Jitter, is most used here in this forum and would you make to take a closer look at your media.


Btw it’s a real shame to see the Sony scans, what a crap to replace the amazing SONYNN3 discs with RiCrap. :nauseated_face:


It doesn´t mean anything :wink:

I had BR2 from Platinum which offers a damn good result after burning … but 3,5 years later it was nearly unreadable or unreadable

My MBIR06 don´t have good scan results, but after 5 years it´s still in good shape


Photos of above tested Sony-Ritek as sold in Amazon January 2019.
I bought 2x10 pcs just for testing what they are.


So purpose of tests is just to speculate which media to buy next.
And of course a portion of curiosity how today best selection performs in 10-20 years.

Probably Verbatim M-disc is single media suitable for real archival purposes.


In order to find any certainty in surface test results, I have run so far (count approximate): 120 surface scan tests to 50 BRD media from 5 different manufacturer. I have changed physical drive to another LITE-ON IHBS112. Later I have updated it’s BIOS to PL06.
Still, most scans of same disc vary significantly and so far I don’t see enough of sense in these (reliability) results to post directly into media scans sections.
I consider buying another newer drive model just with surface scan capability.
Any model still in production? Any other replacement suggestions to LITE-ON IHBS112?
Present deviation in results doesn’t aprovide any final conclusions.

Verbatim tests Did you run repetitive tests to same disc?
Interestingly from my personal experiences the 1st test run often looks better then repeated scan on next day …

I expect to be able to compare my result to previous community members tests, which are almost all at 8x speed.


There´s no actual drive on european market which offers scan-ability directly. I crossflashed my BH16NS55 to WH16NS58.

My LiteOn vary also, my external crossflashed HP 335e shows less than 1/2 error-rates than my internal crossflashed HP 335i.

The WH16NS58 show also less error-rates than the LiteOn and faster scanspeed are more similar to lower speeds, maybe the LG is the better reader.

But the 112 is still the No.1-scanning-drive and able to scan jitter, so I stay with it.

At media which show higher error-rates I also do a transferrate-test with my LG or Pioneer, both drives offer 12x speed at reading.


Today I switched tests to Windows 10 PC and unpacked 3rd LITE-ON IHBS112 FW PL01.
Test results were more then confusing
All test are of same physical media, when it might be difficult to believe.

1-4 sequential tests


Test 5, 6 hours later (disk was left in drive)

Sequential tests 6-8, before test 6 disk was cycled out/in


That´s crazy, your drive seems to be some kind of strange.


Actually all my 3 Li-teon drives show the same results pattern.
These last posted results were just most drastic and not possible to notice.
Crazy indeed, when considering that reading is stable “good” with Panasonic MEI media.
I’ve got a feeling that it’s something to do how drive spins up and how ODC interacts with drive.
This behavior may be also connected to test speed switching trick (from 6x to 8x after spin up).

I have run also several transfer speed test but all have been normal, except one where have been few dropouts at the end, where also surface test has been red.


The speed switching trick is necessary for many drives, but not all, dunno why. I have media which show more stable results after some years than your in 1 day.

Maybe a thermal problem?