Please suggest BD burning quality surface test applications

I use Imgburn and SL BD-R disks for burning with Pioneer BDR-209EBK.

Please suggest Windows 7 software to surface test BD media to compare burning results with different manufacturer’s media?

You can only do transferrate-tests and readabilty tests with the Pioneer, not quality scans.

Thanks for quick reply.
Is there any consumer price level units capable to surface quality scan test?
I have also Asus BW-16D1HT drive.

You can take a look here

Or you try to get a LiteOn iHBS 112/212/312

May it be that Opti drive control doesn’t support Pioneer BDR-209EBK?
There is error message “can’t read disk label” with all single layer BD-R disks which else read back normally.
DVD-R test with SH224DB SB01 works normally.

Media used is Verbatim MAG-D03- 64
and Verbatim VERBAT-IMe-000 (MABL)

File system UDF 1.02
Next writing UDF 2.50 … for testing

But for what do you want to use the 209 with ODC anyway??
Every optical drive is recognized & used by the standard drivers coming with the OS.

Purpose is to test different BD-R media quality (and guess reliability).
Brands change often manufacturers and Google can’t help much to find moderately priced reliable BD-R media. So it look I must this homework myself.
I’d like to run ODC Disk quality test but when trying to open any normally working BD-R, there is ODC error “label can’t be read”
Also BD-R disk I wrote with UDF 2.50 fails with same error.

BD-R content is different data, including video files exceeding 4GB.
Media with Mkv files are expected to be set-top BD player compatible.

Is LITE-ON IHBS112 drive better for this task then my Pioneer BDR-209EBK and Asus BW-16D1HT?
I could get LITE-ON IHBS112 next week if this helps … model from Tester_1 reply in this topic.

It´s a bug in ODC.

Go to File -> options -> and switch off


The LiteOn iHBS x12 are the forum-standard for scanning BD-R and it can also scan jitter. So it is my recommendation

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Thanks - I ordered from Ebay Germany LITE-ON IHBS112 BD/DVD/CD RW (110)
Takes now some time to arrive.

There still are some new units where I bought so here is the link:
Ebay Germany link

Yep, some weeks ago I ordered also from this shop

So obviously I’m on a right track now. :slight_smile:
To jump ahead few weeks, when unit arrives … is there suggested any instant out of the box Firmware update ?

Mine came with CL0K, last FW is PL06

Aren’t the Pxxx firmwares for another hardware revision??

Nope, look at the FW-history of this drive :wink:

Dunno why LiteOn choose a totally different naming. Same with iHBS 212 2

Got mine, came with PL01. :wink:

Ordered by the Ebay-Shop?

Yup, the same shop mentioned above. :wink:

Connected today this unit I bought from Ebay to my Windows 7 PC.
Appears to be
Info: ATAPI iHBS112 2 PL01
Is it safe/wise to upgrade to latest PL06?
I know that sometimes later FW versions have omitted options which were available earlier.

Opti Drive control disc quality test is set to 8x but actual read speed is 0.02x.
Is this a FW problem or some settings missing somewhere?

I run PL06 since years and don´t have noticed differences between PL06 and CL0K. I guess you think about the UHD-features of LGs 16x-drives?

You maybe have to do the speed-switch-trick.

Choose 6x scan speed in the upper section, start scan and after the drive have speed up switch speed to 8x and wait a bit