Please someone quantify a sucessful burn

Ok, so there are lots of questions about burn quality, but no real (not that I could find using the search tool) quantified answers about what is a successful burn.

I did some reading about DVD quality and went and got a new Lite-On DVD burner and some Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R discs. I have installed Nero Essentials 7 which came with my DVD and burned several discs. Attached is the screen shot of the test after burning a backup of some pictures.

So what is a good number for DVD burn quality? What else should I look for, and if there is something, what is an acceptable number, and under what number should the disc be burned again.


You might want to read this thread in the Blank Media forum on interpreting scans: It talks about using KProbe instead of CD/DVD Speed, but the basics are there. It is a bit dense…I bounce off it a bit too, but others around here will probably contribute a better interpretation for you than I can do.

The burn you’ve posted is very good. Which is expected from that particular media. Very low PIF, which is what I look for primarily in a scan.

By the way, don’t post scans as jpegs. At the top of the window in CD/DVD Speed is a little icon in a green box that looks like a floppy. Hit it to save the image as a png file.

Well to quantify it in Binary: “Does it play?” (0/1)…

Myself I don’t rely on what programs say like CD Speed and others because to get true reading everything would have to be calibrated, burner, program and so forth. As long as the burn looks good and plays good then I would say you got a good burn, I know many will argue this but thats just my 2 cents

well based on that scan it’s pretty much impossible to complain about that :wink:

also, someone correct me if im wrong but aint Kprobe generally recommended for Lite-On burners? … cause if you use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed the scans vary from version to version right? … which if that’s true it would seem like using the standard Kprobe v2.5.2 which has been on same version for a while would make more sense for consistency.

but anyways between a ‘disc quality scan’ and ‘TRT test’ (transfer rate test) if both of those work good … at the end of the day it’s a pretty safe bet that your burn is ‘good enough’ and unless it degrades over time (which most quality discs (i.e. Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden) wont to any noticeable degree) you have NOTHING to worry about.

and what Kerry56 said… generally speaking the PIF’s are much more important than the PIE’s.

also from what i heard… in general as long as you dont have a single spike of PIF’s over 3 (which you dont) (heck, even your PIE’s are less than 10… so in other words that disc scan is close to as good as your going to get :wink: ) … i think it’s considered a ‘top notch’ burn… although i aint sure how much worse on the PIF’s you could get before the disc might be questionable as far as reading in vast majority of dvd players or pc dvd readers etc.

on my burner i dont think it’s possible for me to get scans like that but my scans are not to much worse and in terms of ‘actual use’ i dont think there would be much of a difference between your drive and mine… mine’s from 2005 (Lite-On 1673S) … cause a rough ball park figure… i get around 500ish PIF’s total (usually not more than 3 (maybe 4) single spiked on PIF’s) on my typical Verbatim DVD-R or DVD+R.

also in the scan below the PIF’s are super high and even my PC burner cant read it back as it gives a Servo Error… which i was surprised that this happened since it’s the VERY FIRST burn that was a failure on quality discs i used… it’s MKM 001 (Verbatim DVD+R DL, Made in Singapore… bought these around April 2007 i.e. there the old batches of Verbatim not the newer blue packaging) … this was a game backup for my XBox360 and as i was attempting to copy it into the XBox360’s hard drive it errored around the 45percent range which is around that massive PIF spike… cause at first i thought there was something wrong with the XBox360 dvd-rom drive until i did a disc quality check lol … then i just reburned it and it was fine after that, back to the usual high standards in quality.

but anyways, based on this scan we can assume that ‘disc failure’ is somewhere of no more than a 100PIF spike.