Please show me step by step on how to burn DVD from VOB and IFO files?

I have the complete nero 6 package and there are tons of dvd options and tools but i don’t know which ones to use. I have provided you the screenshot of the files i want to burn. Using nero 6, please show me how to burn these files onto the DVD so i can watch them at home. I have a DVD+R disk, PLAYO brand and my DVD burner can burn anything. (These DVD files are from an old movie i had purchased but lost and i had saved these files as a backup. now that i have a dvd burner i can finally burn my DVD- because almost everyone make a deal out of burning backup dvds)

Using Nero Burning ROM to Burn a DVD

thanks, this is great.

and what is UDF file system? and can a burned DVD disk be played on a DVD player if the disk is showing UDF as file system instead of CDFS?