Please recommend media for LiteOn SHM-165P6SX

hi there all - thinking of ordering the above burner from and would like to order media with it for dvd videos. any recommendations?

I don’t have this model, but the drive looks similar to my LH-18A1P(internal IDE) so I reckon it is probably based on the same hardware as the LH-16/18/20 series. I get good results with Verbatim +R (MCC004), TDK +R(TDK003) and Panasonic -R(TYG03). Most of the other premium brands like Maxell, HP, Sony etc should also give good results.

Using latest firmware at my SHM-165P6S made 3 out of 4 coasters with MCC004 and Verbatim -R (MCC02GR20) but burns well with TDK -R (TTG02) and Ridata +R (RICOHJPNöR0). BTW all these media burn well in a NEC 3520 and Pioneer 111L, but the LiteOn is much more finicky about media. I’ve had the LiteOn only a couple of weeks, and these are the only media thus far tried.

My 165P6S loves Sony D21 (16x DVD+R) :slight_smile: