Please recommend me a good DVD-rom for disc Quality scanning

I know… have an old one connected via USB myself.
But Stegt16 didn’t mention this argument.
He says, he wants one for scanning. And a dvd-rom ist very good for this, like my fellow members and me told him.

He got it :cool:

Thanks everyone for your help and your suggestions of different drives. :bow: :bow: but I’m sticking to a DVD-rom because you can do disc scanning and also can read atip information. I already have a LG 4163B dvd writer that is good at copying dvds. I’m off to get a Lite on 16P9S on Sunday cos it is a reasonable disc scanning drive.
What are your thoughts on the lite on 16p9S? :slight_smile:

I think you missunderstood something: DVD-Roms CAN’T read the atip information, that’s why they are better for reading backup-cd’s.
In the ATIP, information about the media are stored, for example that the media is a DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-ROM or whatever. So, the copy protection mecanism can identify the copy as copy, because the reader reports the media as dvd/cd-recordable and not as a pressed one.


All I can say is - WOW!!!

This person really does not get what you all are trying to tell them - are they!!

The bottom line is that instead of spending $20 more and having something that is a reliable - consistant Quality Scanner - they are going to spend $22 to get something that will give them very unreliable results - at best-

Just proves the old addage - “you can lead a horse to water - but you cannot force them to drink”

Gives a whole new meaning to stubborn IMO-

So let them spend their money and find out the truth-

“A bad experience sometimes is the best teacher”


keep your LG for burning and get an other burner for reading!!! You are not going to find anyone supporting you in your way!!! So instead, if you want to get a dvdrom for scanning, than do it!! it’s you money.

I think the Lite on 1693S can be justified for its ripping abilties alone.

Lite-on 169S 9 min 01 sec
Plextor 716A 11 min 04 sec
BenQ1620 16 min 31 sec
BenQ 1640 11 min 01 sec

The above are the ripping times for a DL.

If you make error correction files - the Lite on speeds up the process and can read mamaged DVDs that the others can not. Finally at the low price - why not ? You can never have enough machines or drives ar far as I’m concerned

So I was wrong about the ATIP info thing. Anyways, Thanks for your help people.