Please recommend me a good DVD-rom for disc Quality scanning

Can anyone recommend me a good DVD-rom for disc quality scanning because I have a LG 4163B and it cannot do disc quality scanning.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Every time I find a ROM which is supposed to work, I find that sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

I would suggest you consider the Liteon 1693. It will add considerably to your LG and Liteon is the grandfather of scanning.

Currently a bargain at $40. Don’t wait; the price will jump up Monday.

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I already have a dvd burner. I want a dvd rom that can do disc quality scanning to check my discs that I have burned from my LG burner.

I don’t want another dvd burner because I have got one. I only want a dvd rom that can do disc quality scanning to check my discs that I have burned from my LG burner.
Please can someone recommend me a good DVD rom for disc quality scnning.

I wouldn’t use a DVD-Rom
Buy a BenQ 1640 and you will get a great ripper, scanner and burner.

which dvd rom is good at doing disc quality scanning and is good at copy protections. I have a choice of samsung, LG, Sony, Asus and Liteon dvd roms. I only want a dvd rom, not a dvd burner. can someone please help me choose a good dvd rom.

Maybe is not clear for you, but NONE dvd rom is good to do scanning. Reliable scans can be do ONLY with a burner.

Don’t ask me why, I don’t have an answer, but many users on this forum (me too) tried to do good scans with a dvd-rom with bad results.

If you are dead set on getting a DVD-ROM, then you should get the LiteOn SOHD-16P9S (it was going for $20 USD at Newegg recently; other drives based on the SOHD-16P9S include the Sony DDU1615, Teac DV-516G, and NEC DV-5800D). If you must get a DVD-ROM to scan, the 16P9S is probably the best scanner of them all (there’s a big improvement in PIF scanning over the previous LiteOn DVD-ROM models). That having been said, it still won’t match the scanning accuracy of a proper DVD-writer like a LiteOn or BenQ.

As for copy protections, I don’t know if anyone has tested that with the 16P9S. All the previous LiteOn DVD-ROM drives were good for it, so my best guess is that the 16P9S would be fine as well.

Thanks for your help code65536. :clap:

I have tested the 16P9S for scanning and it works sometimes and then the end of the scan falls apart. It has no degree of reliability compared to a scanning drive. Look here and form your own opinion. If you have no other use for the drive you will be wasting your money.

The Liteon dvd rom is quite good as most people have shown in that thread. You’ve probably got a bad batch with your drive.

Wow, this guy’s stubborn… Buy a 1693S for $20 more and get a great scanner versus an okay one, as well as an excellent copier/reader, and a backup to your LG, should anything go wrong. It’s worth it!

I’ll get the lite on 16p9S DVD-rom because I ONLY want a reader to do disc quality scans.

just trust the pro’s and go for the SohW-1693S as they say
they experienced a writer is better for quality scans so who are we n00bs to argue with them :slight_smile:

I was about to ask the same question but there’s no need for it anymore,
will get the SohW-1693S for quality scans as it seems to be the best for the job

thanks for the info peeps.

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One of the most common reasons for wanting a reader-only drive is to use it to play backups of copy-protected games because readers, unlike writers, can’t read ATIP info. I’ve seen a number of other users in the past stick with reader-only drives for the same reason.