Please recommend me a DVD writer

HI, I’m wondering how to buy a good DVD Writter without your advice:
in my location, there are some options to choose:
LITEON: LH-20A1S - 487C
LITEON: LH 20A1H - 487C
LITEON: LH 20A1P - 11C
So which writter is the best in write and read, I heard something like lightscribe may reduce dvd writter duration , and also reduce speed when use it once.

For the most part Lightscribe shouldn’t have any effects on the drives.

As for the three LiteOns, the 20A1S, is I believe a SATA drive.

As for the LH-20A1H and the Pioneer 112D there are Excellent reviews by Arachne and Zebadee in the subsequent subforums of those drives. Check them out.

From the reviews and thought the LiteOn LH-20A1H and the Pioneer 112D are very solid drives.

so I pick LiteonA1H or LiteOn A1S?, because there is no pioneer 112D in my location, thank BoSox2882

It depends on if you want Sata or Internal. Ive never had a SATA drive so I dont know a lot about SATA. If you want the Pioneer you could check out

I am workin on acquiring both the LiteOn LH-20A1H and the Pioneer DVR-112D.

[QUOTE=kennyssp;1929039]so I pick LiteonA1H or LiteOn A1S?[/QUOTE]

Depends on which connection you prefer. The A1H has an IDE interface and the A1S has SATA.
In terms of writing quality there is no real difference between the two drives.