Please recommend me a DVD writer

Two weeks ago i got a sony 720a dvd writer, i used to have a nec 1300a that i had for two years with the occasional fault problems, but due to the nec drive breaking i replaced it with the Sony drive through my PC world warrenty. But i am having some problems with bad burns on this new sony drive, i am keep getting purple bad burn spots on my DVD burns, i have tried Arita 2,4x DVD+R, Ridata 4x DVD-R and Verbatim 4x DVD+R and most burns have had these purple spots on them from all the three medias, of the arita 2.4x’s that have not had the spots on they have occassionally caused brief pausing during playback of the burned media on my standalone.

I have upgraded the firmware from the sony site but it has not helped, so as i cant take the machine back to the shop, (PC world replaced my Nec for it and would never swop this one too) so i was considering buying a second dvd writer drive and was wondering which drive has the best disc burning compatability. I almost always burn on DVD+R disks as i like bitsetting so good burning on this media is essential. I dont mind about speeds as i always burn at either 2.4x or rarely 4x and i dont wish to burn any faster as i dont trust its accuracy. So which drive would you recomend that is best for burning disks. Ritek and Verbatim are my usual brand but im considering some TY disks too.


First of all, holding back on burning at the drives “optimal” speed is un-neccesary these days. In fact many people report that the burns are actually more reliable if you burn at the highest speed the drive allows.

However… this is all well if your system is capable of shifting that amount of data to the DVD drive. So if you have a decent CPU, memory and HDD space (defragmented) then I’d suggest trying a faster burn speed.

The “dots” on your burnt media sound like buffer under-run problems to me, which shouldn’t happen with todays drives.

What system spec are you using?

On a sidenote, I have personally had bad experiences with Arita branded disks. If you can get a hold of Titanium (Datawrite) media, you’ll more than likely have more success.

Put 720a in a search in LiteOn forum and you may get good advice

If you get a drive from Benq, LG or NEC you have a relatively cheap and very good one. Much better than the Sony/LiteOn