Please recommend DVD/CD burner

Please recommend the best DVD/CD burner for me to buy considering the following priorities in the order listed:

  1. Good audio CD burn quality (less jitter and C1/C2 errors).
  2. Good audio extraction for use with EAC.
  3. Good DVD burn quality.
  4. Can reliably read the most number of brands of DVD/CD media, even not so good quality brands.
  5. Can reliably write the most number of brands of DVD/CD media, even not so good quality brands.
  6. Low noise.

The burner will be primarily used for burning audio CD’s, so DVD burn quality is not as important. It must be internal IDE or SATA.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


What do you think of the Samsung SH-S203x, Optiarc AD-7200x, and Pioneer DVR-115 for my needs? After reading the reviews here, it seems one of these might be what I’m looking for.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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have you checked this one

[QUOTE=mtl777;2203398]What do you think of the Samsung SH-S203x, Optiarc AD-7200x, and Pioneer DVR-115 for my needs? After reading the reviews here, it seems one of these might be what I’m looking for.[/QUOTE]

[li]Samsung SH-S203x: Great drive, I have the SH-S203N and I’m very happy with this drive. But this drive is out of production and I do not think you’ll find one…
[/li][li]Pioneer DVR-115: Also a great drive, and I’m also happy with this one. But this drive is also out of production and you are a luck man if you find one…
[/li][li]Optiarc AD-7200x: You won’t believe it, the drive is also great, and I’m happy with it. The good thing is this drive should be still available. As far as I know it is still in production.
I could also recommend the Pioneer DVR-116 (IDE) or DVR-216 (SATA). The Liteon iHAP or iHAS drives looks very intersting for me but currently I do not have any of this drives…

If you can find one I would get a Samsung SH-S202/3. As TM said they are discontinued, but you may be able to find one (they are still around here in the UK). Just don’t buy one of the new 22x Samsung models by mistake.

But if you can’t find a Samsung then an Optiarc AD-7200 series drive is a good choice. Again, don’t get an AD-7220 series by mistake (rebadged Lite-On).

I have both a Samsung SH-S202N and an Optiarc AD-7200A and would make the following comments.

  1. The Samsung writes CDs with lower jitter than the Optiarc. On good TY CDs written at 32x and scanned with a Benq the jitter is mostly a straight line at 6.95% (the lowest value the Benq reports). With the Optiarc at 32x the jitter should still be OK (around 10%, which I consider perfectly acceptable).
  2. Both drives do not cache audio and have decent C2 reporting, but the Optiarc is considered to be a poor reader of damaged CDs. The Samsung is excellent.
  3. Both are excellent DVD writers.
  4. I haven’t tested reading poor DVDs, see 2 for CDs.
  5. I haven’t used the Optiarc much to write cheap CDs, but the Samsung is very good. I haven’t used either for writing cheap DVDs.
  6. My Samsung is a lot quieter than my Optiarc.

Also if you are interested in scanning, my Samsung is a good DVD scanner (PIE & PIF similar to my Lite-On) but of course no jitter and very limited CD scanning (reports only E31 & E32). The AD-7200 series Optiarcs appear to be much more consistent scanners than earlier NECs & Optiarcs (often reported random spikes and very sensitive to scanning speed). A much more useful CD scanner than the Samsung; reliable C1 reporting (E11, E21 & E31), but E22 errors not reported (only E32 as C2) and no jitter. So no substitute for a Benq or Plextor, but as good as it gets these days. As a DVD scanner it’s probably OK, I would want to verify the results with another drive.

Thank you so much! I think the Samsung SH-S203x is the winning ticket for me. A top-voted drive that got an Editor’s Choice Award!

I can still find them on eBay. I see some SH-S203B and SH-S203N there. What’s the difference between the ‘B’ and the ‘N’, and which one should I get?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I have the 203N (LightScribe model. The “B” variety has no LightScribe), and it’s a great drive.


Great! As long as their quality and performance are the same, I’ll buy the 203N then, and get LightScribe as a bonus.

All your help are really appreciated. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Yep, the 203N is a great burner, and very good at reading discs that other drives won’t touch. I’m certainly not disappointed with mine.

Enjoy your new drive when you get it. :slight_smile:

I’ve just bought a Pioneer 116 (my old Nec 3540 was not able of burn DVD+R DL properly giving me errors just at the layer break) and I was thinking in buy another one.
I was looking at an Optiarc 5200 or 7200 (ATA), but I’ve seen that Samsung drives 202 and specially 203 are both recommended as very good/excellent burners and very good/excellent readers.

Where I live I still can buy SH-S202J or SH-203 (I don´t know if it is the one with or without LighstScribe, but it is a thing that doesn´t mind me).

So which one do you recommend me?

I mostly burn DVD+R DL and DVD+R (DVD-Video). Also burn CD-R (CDDA), but not as much as DVD.

Regards :).

Just to add that I want to buy the new drive as a replacement of a Toshiba 1912 DVD-ROM that I use mainly to rip DVD’s and CD’s.

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Any RPC1 firmware available for those Samsung drives?