Please recommend DL burner

I’ve asked this question a few times on a few forums. Nobody seems to want to give me an answer. :confused:

I am currently interested in the Benq dw1655/1650. I think I’ll get it based on some reviews I’ve read. Sounds like it’s great for SL media. I do an occasional burns with DL media and want a burner for that as well. I will probably buy two drives. I’m considering getting two DW1650’s, but I was hoping someone might tell me what burner will give me the best quality DL burns, Speed is of no importance to me; I’ll probably always burn my Verbatim DL media at 2.4X (unless somebody can tell me I’d get better quality otherwise).

So somebody please give me some advice…

  1. Two DW1650’s because it’s great with DL media as well???
  2. A DW1650 for SL and another brand/model for DL media???

:bow: Suggestions :bow:

Check the scan threads in the BenQ forum.

the reason you don’t get many responses is probably because it’s a very broad question.

i agree…check over some of the DL scans in the BenQ forum and decide for yourself if that’s the level of quality you’re looking for.

Sure it’s broad. I’m just not as experienced at reading scans as many here in the forum. (Hence, I placed this question in the newbie forum)

I just read somewhere that most burners are not as good at DL burning and SL burning. I was just hoping that someone could tell me one or two models (or three…) that stand out from the rest in quality DL burns… Just to narrow my search.

Then I was going to do some more homework. I guess I’ll just have to look at them all. :doh:

Anyway, thanks for giving me a response.