Please recommend decent DVD recorder with PAL/NTSC capability



I recently bought the Philips DVDR3400 on a recommendation as it has PAL/NTSC capability. But I just bought a batch of DVD-RW discs (Leda/Princo) and it doesn’t even recognise them! I don’t know that I want keep it if it’s having such a problem with something so simple. Obviously I’m not high=tech…
I’ve used a LITE-ON which suddenly decided to not read recordable DVDs - LITE-ON’s customer care is non-existent so I don’t want to go there again…
I have a Panasonir DMR E55 which doesn’t do RW cds and isn’t PAL compatible (I’m in US but have English DVDs). It’s not flexible but what it does, it does well.
What do you recommend?



well any brand is ok but get sure that the tv that have be multisystem in your case is pal b or g in england and US is NTSC and the audio system in UK is digital nicam and in US is analogic fm stereo should observe that before get a dvd player


I have a Techwood AEDVDRS7 that I bought as ex-stock at Cash Converters still in it’s shrink wrapping :slight_smile: