Please recommend best firmware for DRW-1608P3S (retail)

Hi all, I just ordered a retail boxed DRW-1608P3S and I wondering if anyone can please recommend the best firmware for it. The latest from Asus is only from 7-2006 (v1.24). Is that best, or is it best to cross-flash it to a Pioneer (111x I assume), something from Liggy & Dee, or still something else? I’m most interested in media reliability over speed.


Kent, thanks. So am I to assume that: this [B]retail[/B] 1608P3S [B]can[/B] be cross-flashed, and to a 111L is the best? I don’t see any mention of a 1608P3S drive at that URL.

Your burner is a re-badged 111D. Going to L gives you more features.

When did Liggy & Dee patch Pioneer firmwares?? :confused:

Actually it is a rebadged 111 with RAM support .

Clint1 , just follow the instruction and your drive will show up as Pioneer 111L and act like one :wink:

This makes me wonder why I didn’t just buy a 111* in the first place. But, I didn’t because there were more negative reviews for the 111 drives.

I had and have no idea if they ever did. That’s why I’m asking here. I’m just familiar with the site and used it as one example of several 3rd party firmware sites like, etc.

That thread is 50 pages long. I glanced at the first few posts and according to them, it doesn’t work.

so does it actually work ?

Not so far

That thread is from March 2006, so has that first post been updated with the latest firmware info? Can anyone vouch that it actually works?

Now I see the Pioneer 112 is out, and the 212. :a Can this drive be flashed to a 112? Are they the same except for the 212 being SATA? I found the 112 at one place in the USA and they claim it’s a LiteOn.

I’m wondering now if I should try and cancel my order. :doh:

I’m so confused. :confused: :confused: :confused: I think I’m going to cancel this order (I still can). My buying research info was from several weeks ago, and in doing some more research I see that the DRW-1612BL is out, and the DRW-1814BLT & DVR-212DBK, and I really wanted another SATA burner.

Does anyone know about the quality of the DRW-1814BLT & DVR-212DBK?

Why would you do that? :confused:

Well I wasn’t sure either way. I would assume the 112 is “better” than the 111. Is this not the case? It appears that the 112 or 212 has no DVD-RAM support…I can’t remember which now. Yeah, looks like the both the DVR-112DBK and the DVR-212DBK has no RAM support. Incredible. So they are out of the question now, and that leads me to the Asus DRW-1814BLT.

Now I’m seeing that the DVR-212 [B]does[/B] have RAM write support (I guess that’s the DVR-212BK). Since it doesn’t exist according to Pioneer, you can’t check their site. But their site says the 112BK WILL write to RAM. If it does support RAM, then I’m back to wondering if they are identical except for a bridged ATA to SATA for the 212. If it does support RAM, then I’m also back to asking if this Asus can be flashed to a Pioneer 112BK or “212BK” so-to-speak. I know it can’t be a 212 since it’s IDE, but otherwise I mean. (I have some IDE to SATA converters, but they don’t always work with all drives).

@ Clint1,

There are both DVR-122 and DVR-212 active informative CD Freaks Forum threads in the CD Freak Pioneer DVD Burner Forum ( that will provide ALL the answers to your questions. Suggest that you review CD Freaks Pioneer DVD Burner Forum active DVR-122 and DVR-212 postings and conduct some research on these Drives.

DVR-112 ->

DVR-212 ->

Both DVR-112 and DVR-212 Drives are readily available. There are CD Freaks Forum Pioneer DVD Burner threads providing information where these Drives are readily available.


Thank you I’ll look into those tonight.

Only *D burners have no DVD-RAM write support.

To make it clear: no 111 burner can ever be flashed to an 112 or 212!!

Thanks Chef.

If that answered your questions, I’m glad.

Have Fun!

Yeah, thank you again. But one more thing please; you said “[I]To make it clear: no 111 burner can ever be flashed to an 112 or 212!!” [/I] that also holds true for a 1608P3S? It can only be flashed to a 111* and nothing newer/better?

You need to understand the 111*(and your Asus) and 112* are TWO DIFFERENT machines. You cannot flash one to another. The 111* firmware is as new and as good as it is going to get…and that makes for a GOOD burner.