Please recommend an external enclosure purchasable in the UK


Im looking for a DVD writer, external enclosure that can be purchased in the UK. Im having problems locating one which supports USB and firewire and has the prolific chipset (which i believe is the best one based on comments in the forums). So any of you out there in the UK who know of one could you please let me know. Im most likely going to be putting a LiteOn SHM-165P6S (or Sony equivalent).in the enclosure if that makes any difference. So far I believe the only one I have found is :

As one user has commented on the fact it has the prolific chipset but I don’t know whether that’s for both firewire and USB or not. There is no manafacturer name mentioned, or anything about a fan or power rating. That along with it being a plastic body is holding me back from purchasing it in favor of finding something a bit more well recognised.



The 3507 chipset supports both USB2 and firewire on the chip so its unlikely to have 2 different chips in it.

Send SVP an email and they will confirm it for you. I have heard from them before that it had the 3507 chip.

Thanks qwakrz. I emailed them waiting to hear back. Also found Scan do an “Icy Box” which has Firefire and USB. I have been reading up on those and lots of people have reported problems (up to early this year), but i think they may all be down to the firewire bugs which the later firmware for Prolific fixed. So thosei have found are now:

Svp -
Scan - Starmount -
AtLastSolutions -
StorageDepot -

The Icy Box from Scan looks the nicest, closely followed by the Storage Depot. But then they are expensive. The plastic one from SVP looks like a lump of plastic but for the price if it works, it may be the best value for money. I’ll have to wait until i hear back from them on the chipset.


Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry got side tracked & basically forgot all about looking for a caddy to meet your needs. Starmount & atlastsolutions same case. Either should work for you. The SVP one is good if it’s prolific, but they have varied in the past (don’t know if this applies to SVP.) but certainly at computer fairs they’ve varied greatly. SVP will give you the info. If this one is prolific based then it’s a no brainer.

As it is intended to use a Litey, Cypress based enclosures can also be recommended.


Thanks you two, i’ll wait to hear from SVP then. I havent seen any mention of Cypress drives in the UK whilst looking around.