Please recommend a software



I burnt a few CDs on my HP 7200i using Adaptec’s new Easy CD Creator v4, and got a CD “succesfully burnt” according to the software. Instead, the intelligent software forgot to write the TOC (Table of Contents) and now refuses to even close the session! I know CD-Diagnostic lets you view and even copy from previous sessions, but is there a software which can make a TOC for me and link up data on the CD for me???


Why not make a new cd instead of so much hassle?
Just try Nero…it works with most recorders and is very stable.


The Miker MC


I burnt CDs on my HP 7200i firmware 3.01 using Adaptec’s new Easy CD Creator 3.5
end CDRwin3.7


i wouldnt kill yourself trying to figure out how to close the session. as someone else said, use nero, and just try with another disc. they are only 1-2 bucks each!

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