Please recommend a reliable firewire burner



I have been researching external firewire burners for my pc and would like some advice. The burner must be firewire or a firewire/usb 2.0 combo (no usb 2.0 only drives). My main priority with the external burner is reliability. Price is also somewhat important, but I will pay extra for reliability.

I will be using this burner with a laptop on the road far from home. A breakdown will cost me time and money that I can’t really spare. I have looked at a few models and have also thought about making my own with an enclosure and an internal burner.

The enclosure with internal burner combo doesn’t seem like it will be as reliable. (please tell me if you have had different experiences) Of the enclosures I have researched it seems whether they work or not is hit or miss. And if you do have a problem tech support is sub par.

The burners I have been looking into are from
and QPS

I would really appreciate any input you can give me. Thanks


If you can’t spare a breakdown… have you considered bringing a spare? that way if it does fail, you can use the spare…


why not buy an external enclosure for around $65 and buy the DVD drive of your choice? for example , USB 2 + Firewire.

A friend on mine uses a setup like this with a DVD-Ram drive with no issues. I’m not sure which enclosure he is using though.


Sony DRX510UL burner is the top choice. Has USB 2.0/Firewire, great performance and reliable.

The others you mentioned are POS and have crappy support.

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