Please recommend a lightscribe dvd burner?

I’m interested in getting into Lightscribe labeling of CD’s and DVD’s. How well does it work and what is the best manufacturer and compatible drive now available? thanks.

Hi :slight_smile:
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I have the BenQ 1655 & Lite-On 16H5S . The Lite-On copes better with difficult discs. The BenQ edges it when it comes to writing(Data/Video).
Both are on a par as far as LS goes.
My preference is for the 1655 out of these two.

Thanks for the welcome! Does the printing on the inscribed CD end up brown or black with the 16H5S? Do you know if Nero 6._ has the software to design labels and write to this DVD drive?

Hi :slight_smile:
Firstly it’s a bronze colour. Secondly LS is supported in Nero & this also covers both drives. However most folks probably use SureThing. Check out this site too.