Please recommend a good CD writer for me! Speed isn't essential, I'm after quality


Since my Lite-On LTR-52327S cannot reliably read subchannel data, even with the latest firmware, I’m seeking a drive which I can use in conjunction with CloneCD to make (the most) exact copies of my music and data CDs.

I understand I should maybe be looking for a Plextor? Either way, speed is not a prerogative for me since I’ll probably be reading and burning at the lowest speed possible, just to guarantee accuracy.

Can you helpful folk recommend a drive for me that is fairly cheap, but is known for its high quality and reliability of copies? Please don’t recommend a Lite-On, as mine gets different subchannel data on subsequent reads of the same CDs and that’s put me right off 'em! :Z

Thanks for any help. :wink:

Plextor Premium all the way. It doesn’t get any better (or more expensive!)

If you’re not doing games, then other Plextors (like my PX-W4012A) are still excellent for AudioCDs and data CDs with earlier protections.