Please recommend a good CD/DVD RW Drive

Currently I have a SOHW 1693S.

It’s an awesome device but I’m selling my computer, and the guy refuses to buy it unless I sell the drive along with the PC. So, I have to buy a new one.


1)Price no more than $50
2)The highest “sheep” number possible for the price.(Good “backup” capabilities)
3)Speed as high as possible for the price.
4)Decent all around media compatibility.

My old drive was great at backing up protected disks, and this one must be at least as good. Also, despite the reviews saying that my drive will only work well with certain media, it actually was great with any media I’d throw at it. (and I mostly buy cheap media)
It’s a beast and a masterpiece of a device. I hope LiteON still makes similar things.

165[I]H[/I]6s or 20A1[I]H[/I] (both lightscribe capable), 165[I]P[/I]6s or 20A1[I]P[/I] (non-lightscribe).
they’re all great drives and you can get them on for ~$32.
20A1[I]x[/I] is the newest series.

there’s also a 20A1[I]S[/I], it’s the Serial ATA model of the 20A1[I]P[/I].