Please recommend a good cd burner

Hi BeeR_Dog,

good tests! I started a thread some time ago about Gigarec “less than 1x” (say LT1x) quality some time ago, but I had only a few significative answers.
I made just one cd with LT1x and I was not satisfied too: audio extraction from the resulting CD was slow and also compatibility with some car players wasnt very good, but I did not perform the C1/C2 tests with the plextor.
At this point I am seriously thinking about buying an external USB Yamaha F1 (I now a place where they still have a small number of them) and to perform an extensive set of tests. In this case, I will post the results too.

Thanks for your efforts!


P.S. In my opinion, this is the right forum for this topics, since it is not stricly a media-related question, but essentially an hardware-related question. Or am I wrong?

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I know this isen’t the media forum and I woun’t post any more
scans, but I thought this info was of relevance to this topic.

Hi Boskin, thanks for the additional info
about AudioMaster…

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Yes, not really, but all I mean is that the main motto of Gigarec is the ability to compress up to 1120 MB of audio onto a common 80’ CDR.

Well, about that: Yamaha main motto for the F1 was the Disk T@2 functionality which is nice but not very important for me, so I don’t care about what someone say to sell his product, but what the product really does.

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I don’t care about what someone say to sell his product, but what the product really does.

Yep, kinda hard to disagree w that. :wink:


I am wondering. Is there a way to test how “accurate” or how many errors a burner has? I have Nero, EAC, and Feurio. I used nero speed, but there must be a way of really testing a drive???

No, normally you need special equipment for such tests.
The German magazine c’t for example has AudioDev
in Malmö / Sweden doing the CD / DVD - media and writers tests with their CATS-SA300 analysers.

The PlexWriter Premium has some testing festures, but according to c’t, the results didn’t always match Audiodev’s (BLER, etc.).
So they recommend the Plexy for rough estimates only.
Most drives today will allow you to check for C2 errors, but that’s not enough.
If C2 errors occur, it’s already too late (except MODEx/2048).
Drive slow-downs while reading can indicate bad balanced / erroneous cds.

Yamaha’s sales pitch

The difference is not only technical, but audible as well.

I agree - except the last part of this sentence.