Please recommend a DVDRW drive from this list

Well my GSA-4081B is just burning coasters now… I want to try the greasing fix but I don’t have the time to dismantle it and buy the needed supplies right now. So I’m looking for another solid DVD writer. I would like to keep the price under 50 but I ask that you recommend whatever you see as best in terms of quality (and if possible give me a couple drives you like).



HP 940I 18X DVD-Writer, Lightscribe, Black, Internal, Retail $59.99


LG GSA-H22L 18X DVD-Writer, Beige, Internal, LightScribe $47.49
LG GSA-H22N 18X DVD-Writer, Beige, W/ Software, OEM $37.49
LG GSA-H50N 18X DVD-Writer (10X Dual Layer), Beige, W/ Software, OEM $39.99


LiteOn LH-18A1P 18X DVD-Writer, Black, Internal, OEM 	$35.99	
LiteOn LH-20A1H 20X DVD-Writer, Black, LightScribe, OEM $45.99	
LiteOn LH-20A1P 20X DVD-Writer, Black, OEM 	$42.99	
LiteOn SH-16A7S 16X DVD-Writer, Black,SATA, OEM 	$44.99	 
Lite-On SHM-165H6S 16X DVD-Writer, Black, LightScribe, W/Software, OEM 	$41.49	


NEC AD-7170A-0B 18X DVD-Writer, Beige, OEM 	$38.99	


Pioneer DVR-111D 16X DVD-Writer, Beige, W/Software, OEM 	$38.99	


Samsung SE-S184M/AMBN, 18X DVD-Writer , External USB 2.0 LightScribe, Black, W/Software, OEM $78.99	 
Samsung SH-S182D/BEBN, 18X DVD-Writer, Black, W/Software, OEM 	$39.79

I think you should decide what colour you want to start with or only include 1 colour in the list as all the Pio 111D’s are the same as are all the NEC 7170s.

I think you have to answer some questions first.

Do you want internal or external , do you have SATA connections on your motherboard , do you really want a laptop drive (slim) and finally do you want Lightscribe?

Sorry for the lack of information. Good point on the colours. I have edited the post.

I would like internal, I do not have SATA connections, Desktop drive, lightscribe not crucial.

Unfortunately you’ve also removed the Pio 112 which I’d possibly suggest as a good option.

I’ve got a Pio 111D which I’m pleased I bought & today bought a Samsung SH182M (the lightscribe one). So far it’s doing OK.

I did buy a Liteon LH20A1P but had problems after a week and returned that today & replaced it with the Samsung.

Can’t comment too much on the others but probably would avoid the HP as it’s going to be a rebadged something or other. Problem here is likely to be firmware support.

Avoid HP. People are begging to be able to crossflash it.
Not the Samsung SE-S184M external.
Not the LiteOn SH-16A7S SATA.

Depends on what you would want to do with it. :slight_smile:
A good all-in-one drive would be the LiteOn LH-20A1P.
It does bitsetting, scanning, and can learn unknown media types.

For some reason the forum is not letting me edit my post again to add back the Pioneer:

Pioneer DVR-112D 18X DVD-Writer.

Anyhow thanks for your replies guys. I want to use it for DVD data burning mainly. I’ll be sure to avoid HP now thanks to your comments. I was thinking about LG again… but now with my current drive braking down, I question their quality.

Ok so the LH-20A1P? Anyone have experience with the LG GSA-H50N?

You’ve only got 30mins to edit a post.

My experience with the Liteon was not good but that could easily have been an isolated case.

I’d be inclined to go for the Pio 112 having had a good experience with the 111.