Please recommend a burner & media


I need advice on a good burner as well as media (don’t know whether to post this here or the media section, so thought maybe here first). My requirements are just able to burn video and the DVD playable on standalone player. Naturally my requirements are:

  1. media (-R?) with best video burn
  2. burner which can burn best
  3. resulting media most friendly to most standalone player

I originally settled on BENQ1670 and TY media. However, I’ve got a friend who recommends LG instead. Also some people have so-so experience with TY. Which is which? I am confused…

Recent TY quality control has dropped a bit, especially with the unbranded stock, but the discs are still higher quality than most.

I’d go with either an LG (not the H50N/L or H55N/L; they’re not mature enough yet) or a LiteOn with 8X TY DVD+R or Verbatim 16X DVD+R. +R allows you to trick your stand alone into thinking the disc is a pressed DVD-ROM disc via booktype setting, thus increasing compatibility. LiteOn’s usually will let you set this automatically through the EEPROM whereas you’ll have to set the booktypes on an LG every time you restart your computer. The easiest solution would be the LiteOn in my opinion.

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As suggested above, I’d go LG or LiteOn too, with +R media (is there a reason why you specify -R?).

So is LG H42N a good buy for my purpose? What LiteOne model would you recommend?

So for LG you have to do the ‘bitset’ thing? Not sure if I got it right…

The reason I specified -R is that I read that early DVD were of -R, so I thought -R would be ‘safer’ for playback on most standalone DVD player, no?

This forum is good with too much info. I am still reading … sorry if my q is too basic, I am very new in this …

Within several burning programs and utilities (ex. ImgBurn, SmartBurn) you can set the drive to change the booktype of DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM to increase compatibility. With LG drives, this setting is erased once your restart your computer. LiteOn drives allow you to alter the drive’s EEPROM such that the setting remains until you manually change it back.

Every DVD player is supposed to read DVD-ROM properly, at least. They don’t necessarily read discs that are recognized as DVD-R or DVD+R, and that’s why we change the booktype, which is only possible on DVD+R.

I’d recommend the LiteOn 201AP/H. It’s solid, a great reader/scanner, burns well, and has a boatload of extra features.

Thank you for your very detailed explanation.

One more basic q, for the LiteOn drive, would changing he EEPROM render the warranty void? Is the altering of EEPROM featured in the manual or is it a ‘hack’?

Wow, good question. I’m not sure. I really wouldn’t worry about the warranty. I mean, I’d recommend using the codeguys firmware for LiteOn drives. It increases the rotations per minute (allowing for faster burns) and allows your to further over speed your media (ex. 8X media can be burnt @16X). However, even though it works flawlessly, it does void your warranty.

Really, the drive is only about $25-$30. If it dies out of warranty, it’s not that big of a financial loss. The convenience of altering the EEPROM and using hacked firmwares is more than worth losing the warranty in my opinion. Plus, warranty repairs take FOREVER. I can’t remember the last time that I utilized a warranty.

Another option, if you’re that worried about the warranty, is to install software that executes at start up and changes the booktype for you every time you restart. I don’t remember where to get it, though, because I don’t need it. :p: