Please recomend DVD burner with specs:


I did some searching and could only find one burner with the following specs:

  1. will rip DVD-Video fast (not locked at 2.1x)
  2. will burn DVD+R DL at 10x
  3. can do bitsetting
  4. available in black

the one I found was Plextor 760A (it can do >2.1x with a trick)

Is there any other burner that meets the above requirements?


Why is it important to burn DVD+R DL at 10x?
IMO, the difference to 8x is negligible and the writing quality might not always be good.

The LiteOn (18/20)A1P can be made RPC1 without hacked firmware, does bitsetting, reads without riplock… :slight_smile:

Pioneer 112D - it’s the best DL burner I’ve seen at 10x. It can read with out riplock, is available in black, and also bitset if crossflashed to 112L. I think it meets all the requirements.

PS I forgot to mention that I plan to put it inside an external enclosure so I can use it with all my computers (laptops etc.) ( if this is relevent…)

What would be the difference in practical terms (difference in actual burn time)?


Not sure what your location is but the Pio 112D as mentioned would be a good choice but it’s only been out for a few days in the states and i haven’t seen anyone post any scans of 10X burns on DL media in an external enclosure yet.

Are you in a hurry to buy?

I recommend the pioneer dvr-112d black too. I bought one to replace my 110d. I’ve not updated the firmware yet but plan to do so shortly.

Oxford 911+ firewire based ext. enclosures should have no big issues with the 112D. I can’t see any reason it wouldn’t work just fine with 10x DL burns - you should be able to get to 18x without speed issues.

Let us know how it went (and where you got the files from? :bow: )