Please read this

Now that I have your attention… Could someone please give me a serial or crack 4 adobe photoshop 5.5? Thanks.

Why you little %%&%$& Dont you know how valuable my time is,


Version: 5.5
s/n: pww400r7106337-339 or s/n: PWW550R2001191-482 or s/n: PWW550R0909444-247 or s/n: PWW550R2037105-580 or s/n: PWW550R7705501-405 or s/n: PWW550R5500900-549 or s/n: PWW550R1999777-419 or s/n: PWW550R0099288-998 or s/n: PWW550R4400210-129 or s/n: PWW550R7777031-316