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[li]International Shipping
[/li][li]Fast Replies
[/li][li]Good Reputation
[/li][li]Located in Hong Kong



[li]Cheap Prices
[/li][li]Ships Nationwide


[li]Cheap Prices
[/li][li]Located in Queensland
[/li][li]Never Answer Phone
[/li][li]Slow Replies To Email

Computer Market

[li]Detailed Website
[/li][li]Quick Phone/Email Replies
[/li][li]Located North Sydney / NSW


[li]Detailed Website
[/li][li]Lots of Variety
[/li][li]Located Sydney / NSW


[li]Located In Sydney
[/li][li]Nice Website


[li] No Details


[li] No Details


Canada Computers

[li]Great Prices
[/li][li]Poor Communication via email
[/li][li]No online shopping, mail order only
[/li][li]Better to visit them instore


[li]Very Good Prices
[/li][li]Small Family run store
[/li][li]Located South of Montreal
[/li][li]Lots of Stock

PC Canada

[li]No Details

SOHO Diffusion

[li]No Details


[li]No Details



[li]Fast Replies
[/li][li]Not Many Varieties


[li]Can Bid To Get Cheap CDRs
[/li][li]Not Very Reliable



[li]Detailed Information on Products
[/li][li]Avaliable in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish
[/li][li]Ships To Scandinavia

ITbutikken A/S

[li]Lots of Products
[/li][li]Located in Denmark
[/li][li]Good Prices



[li]Email Replies Within 1 Hour
[/li][li]Deliver UK only
[/li][li]A wide selection of CDR/RW/DVDR and accessories
[/li][li]Excellent Customer Service
[/li][li]28 Day Guarantee on purchases

Blank Disk Shop

[li]No Details

Big Pockets

[li]No Details

The Price is Write

[li]Clever Name


Best Buy

[li]Some amazing mail in rebate deals
[/li][li]Very Very good prices

CD Dimensions

[li]Wide range of media
[/li][li]Duplication equipment
[/li][li]Ships anywhere in the US

  • [li] Visit HERE for a little story about there customer service.

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Computing Inexcess located in western australia ships aussie wide.

site is easy to follow and prices are very good

here’s the link

Two online stores. Only accept US orders unfortunately. Often have low prices for CD/DVD RW drives, and sometimes free shipping.


Cheap but have dubious returns policy and can’t find any info about OEM warranty support on the site.


Warrant OEM products for 1 year. Seem to have a good reputation.

I’m going to cast a Second vote for in the USA. I’m not sure of their international shipping policy, but I and my friends have placed many many orders with them for various bits of techy goodness. Their prices are always among the lowest and the selection on hardware is quite good. I wouldn’t bother looking for software there unless you are already buying some hardware as their software selection is decidedly less impressive.

They ship quickly and package things well. What more could you ask for :slight_smile:

Originally posted by sherman1
[B]Computing Inexcess located in western australia ships aussie wide.

site is easy to follow and prices are very good

here’s the link [/B]


Um, okay? are you on drugs?
Those prices are HUGE!

I can jump onto most sites in sydney and get prices that match/beat those prices. Do you own the business perhaps?

try here. They deliver everywhere in OZ and NZ. Based in melbourne but have stores in sydney and brisbane. And these guys have higher prices than I’d usually pay anyway. is definitely the best in Australia. Everything’s cheap there!

I have discovered another one in Canada:

Lower prices than Canada Computers on most items and accepts a wide variety of payment options and shipping.


Again from Canada

Specializes in Media.
Absolute great prices, plus offers buying samples so you can be sure it’s going to work.
Lists the full media code by clicking on the media name! Great to have in conjunction with the
Media Forum > DVD Media Tests boards to make sure you get just want you want.

My local retailer, by far the cheapest / best customer service I’ve ever seen from a hardware supplier (local- mail order).

For great prices on quality CD, CD-R, and DVD supplies try out cd sleeves. Quality it great and so are the prices.

Good prices
Excellent Service
Quick response to emails
Flash cards, flash drives as well as CD-R and DVD media in the UK are very good and cheap

Did you join CDfreaks solely to advertise your business? :cop:

I’ll tell you one to avoid like the plague in the UK -
I ordered some Epson original cartridges the total bill was £40 - that was 3 weeks ago. Nothing has arrived, they have stopped answering my emails, disconnect me when I try to get on the phone to them, and yet were quick to take the money. They are supposed to be the ones chasing up with Royal Mail, but they havent. Avoid these cheating b******s.

Got them. Finally after 3 weeks. The cause was 2 things - 1/ 7day shop addressed the package slightly wrong, 29 being used instead of 28, and 2/ Royal Mail for being the incompetent bumblers they are.

Royal mail couldn’t be too bad if they managed to still get the package to you despite incorrect addressing :stuck_out_tongue:

In Oz, my parents sent a package from a small city in queensland (top of Oz) to NSW main city (largest city in Oz) and it took just under 11weeks to arrive.
And it was correctly labelled. Apparently the letter had fallen behind a desk :confused: and hadn’t been forwarded on :confused:
4 Words. In-Comp-et-ent.

Greetings all

Just wanted to share a online shop with you.
I have been shoping there for some years now, always a good experience :slight_smile:


  • Good prices (compared to Denmark atleast)
  • You have to pay by PAYPAL or bank transfer.
  • Avaliable in Danish,Franch, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Finish, Spansih.
  • Shipment costs : from 10.00 € to 20.00 €


If you are in the UK I’ve always found to be good.

I like using the Mirror Platinum Pro G04, as they have been the best for me, and this company only really deal with them, for a cheap price too, about £12.90 or something + Delivery

They also do double DVD cases for 12p each or can do them even cheaper if you buy 100x or 200x, which is 8p each!! :slight_smile:

They aren’t a media specialist but I haven’t had any problem with them in the past, I normally get my system bits from there :slight_smile:

A third vote for in the USA !

Many of my PC’s components came from there:

  • Prices are the lowest ~80% of the time.
  • Free or low cost Fedex Shipping
  • Items shipped out quickly (in fact, unless you have a critical need, don’t do the “rush shipping fee” because they usually get orders out the same day IF they are single in-stock items (like a spindle of media).
  • One-Day-Sale items can be especially good deals.

It is a particularly good place to buy CD/DVD media because they have customer reviews, and their customers are geeks like us :smiley: who post the internal factory code for the media in their reviews when they receive the product .

While we know that the particular spindle you receive may not be the RICOHJPNR01 that was described by an earlier purchaser (for example), nevertheless I find that for USA residents, NewEgg is the best shot for getting a particular factory’s media, and at a very good price, too.

They usually have some good deals, many rebates, low prices, customer reviews, detailed specs, and i haven’t ever had any problems with them. Only thing bad is they ship with UPS(cost isn’t bad unless you want quick ship).
It’s the only place i’ve seen this sweet “case”… :bow: