Please Post Your WORST Scan



Or on a ROM drive?


I refuse to participate, you guys are using discs that can actually be scanned! :a


I voted fake TY. that was before i came across this disc.

Fake MCC003 - just pretty enough for this thread


Prodye DVD+RW 2,4x, burned in LiteOn 1653S CS0C.

The burn was made some month ago, I don´t had at that time a Benq for scanning. I overwrite the media with an other burner, so I can´t test it with my Benq 1640. Sometimes the LiteOn burn these discs ok, and then it makes ugly high error-rates. My Benq 1640 have massive problems with RW-media, I have some of these RWs that the Benq didn´t recognize, maybe the NEC, too, but my LiteOn recognize it and can it burn. Hard to understand why those things sometimes happened.

The much better area at the end of that media is a rest of the former burn with NEC ND 3500.

The disc was recognized by my Panasonic DMR-E53-DVD-Recorder, and almost playable, but with much artifacts and suspender.

But the most other drives can´t recognize the disc. So I doubt that the Benq was able to test it, because this drive have general problems with the Prodye


Some friends of mine were having trouble copying this, so I gave it a shot on my BenQ. Copied at full speed in DVD Decrypter except for the last 2% or so.

RITEKG04 with a full face paper label. :doh: No idea what burner was used.


Those RITEK G04s with full face paper labels have a long history of troubles.


If you have an other burner will CDSpeed show you in the disc quality-window what writer was used for burning.


I will never look at my CMC with +3000 PIF total and max 300 PIE badly again! :slight_smile:


Buned on Imation Brand DVD+RW (PHILIPS 041). Only the third or fourth burn on it by LiteOn 5005…Nice! :disagree:


It´s not a trick ,it´s a liteon :wink:

Someone tells me long time ago that Liteon DVD-Recorders are pure crap, so it looks like he´s right :iagree:


This has to be the worst one I have scanned. Some old Princo :Z discs that would burn fine and be totally unreadable afterwards. This is a scan of the disk immediatley after burning it in my BenQ 1640@4x. Take a look at those PIF, POF and Jitter values :eek:


That is one incredibly awful burn. POF’s @ 3.6 MILLION!! Amazing! :slight_smile:


I voted for Ritek. Had no chance to scan with my LG 4082, but all discs I burned were complete readable and playable, a Ritek R03 was the only disc I had a write error