Please Post Your WORST Scan



I claim the Gold with this G05 scan. Go ahead, knock me out of first place. :disagree:


LONGTEN 002. I bought it off ebay when I was too stupid to know better. PIF max was usually in the 100’s, PIE was massive, and more often than not, I would get a PO Failure.

All I buy now is YUDEN000 T02. I will not buy anything else.


I wish I wouldn’t be able to beat you but look here




Gonna be tough to beat the PIE/PIF’s on those puppies … but, here’s my contribution. Check out the POF’s & Jitter!! How you like dem apples? :slight_smile:

Burned w/ LiteOn SOHW-812SX (8x).


Mmmmh… the poll won’t be quite fair, as I doubt many users here buy Princo or (say) Infosmart, so these discs may actually look better in the poll than others… just because there will be very few reports :bigsmile: - and it will make RITEK the big looser (well THAT’s fair) because due to Ritek’s ‘good’ reputation many users bought their media before understanding they’ve been misguided… :frowning:

For the contest, I’m of course rescanning (right now) a G05 Ridisc Xtreme that I saved for the occasion :wink: - watchout, here I come!


These scans won’t beat the sheer ugliness of the scans above.

BUT this is high quality Verbatim media (8x DVD-R MCC 02RG20 Made by CMC) from a spindle that burns with excellent quality at 6x, 8x and 12x in the same drive.

This is a 2x burn in a NEC ND-3500AG fw 2.TB, and it cannot be read back in the NEC drive; my Plextor drive will read it but very very slowly.

[li]Burst Scan showing PIE. Performed with Plextor PX-712A[/li][li]Burst Scan showing POE. Performed with Plextor PX-712A[/li][li]Sum1 Scan showing PIF. Performed with Plextor PX-712A[/li][li]Read Transfer in Plextor drive[/li][/ol]


Ridisc Xtreme (G05)

  • a disc that two months ago gave a perfect scan just after being burnt on a JVC DR-M10 standalone recorder (which gives me pretty good burns with all discs)

I should have scanned it @8ECC to make it look even worse, but hey it’s bad enough :wink:

If H3rB3i’s scan was performed @8ECC, my scan’s a clear winner (as yet).


Yeah. You are sooo lucky! :eek:


I was sure my Budget discs was the worst ever seen so i just made a disc to prove it … but i should be proud of them i see :wink: I’ll be back with some older stuff if it proves worthy. This is tuff competition :slight_smile:


LOL as these “A-grade” ( :rolleyes: ) discs were replaced without discussion by SVP (GREAT customer service) , and as I’ve got TDK TTG02 discs as a replacement, yes, I’m lucky :bigsmile:


1ECC and currently rescanning @5x


So you win! :bigsmile: (as yet…)

Gee are we silly :stuck_out_tongue: :doh:


YEP :wink:

for better comparison, here’s the same disc scanned @ the NEC 3540 default setting 5x with 1ECC, the result:----------> without word :sad:


I galdly give up the Gold. I am amazed at how bad some of these look. :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I started this thread. I haven’t laughed this much in a while. I guess there is company in misery. :slight_smile:


To be 100% fair, I think NEC and BENQ drives show impossible PIE values. Max should be 1664, just makes sense when you look at Chas’s and DrageMaster’s scans (LiteOn and Plextor)…

This is an issue I’ve already tried to raise here and there and no one ever seems to care :frowning:

Maybe this thread will help?? :bigsmile:


Had one bad scan, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Don´t forget, 1664 and 208 are the worst results you can get with a LiteOn :smiley:


which is correct behavior :iagree: , unlike Benq and Nec (oh and also Pioneer) drives where the max seems to be 5000 PIE, despite the fact that more than 1664 is impossible. :rolleyes:

I think I’m gonna buy a LiteOn soon just for scanning purposes. :cool:


I’m not really worried about scans that are higher than impossible as any scan posted here is going to be beyond recovery. A bad scan is a bad scan, any way you get it.

Maybe some day I will ask for only legitimate scans but here I am just going for BAD.

Gabe, what was that thing burned on…a microwave? That is one sorry scan. :eek:


Man … this thread is great. LOL. :slight_smile:

I wonder what Gabe’s scan would like in CD-DVD Speed w/NEC or BENQ? Hehe.