Please post safedisc 2.9 results

It has become increasingly clear that not all writers regarded as 2 sheep efm writers are capable of successfully copying cds protected with safedisc 2.9.

My tests and those of many others show that the Lite-on Ltr-24102B cannot do so and, for that matter, to date, there have been no reports of success with a Lite-on writer < 40x.

In addition, there have also been reports of failure with 2 sheep LG writers.

I’d like to compile a list of writers that can cope with this new safedisc version so if everyone could please post their results of attempts with 2 sheep writers (indicating the software used; either alcohol or discdump/fireburner are the best bets), that would greatly assist in compiling a list of those writers.

i can tell you the 52x liteon`s have no problem i can think of at this time.

useing the diskdump/fireburner method.

hope this helps.

latest version is 2.9, yup :slight_smile:

What games have come out with the latest version of SD2???

Devastation, Sims Superstar, Tropico 2 Pirates Cove & French version of Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb (Oz version is unprotected).

Thanks Philamber… I should be getting Devastation this week. But I take it your more intersted in Lite-Ons that are less then 40x or are you just after all Lite-Ons?

All, even though I’m fairly sure that the 40x+ models can all cope.

Hmmmmmm… I am able to backup Devastation (OZ release) with my LG CE8160B with no problems… but I cannot backup SIMs Superstar.:confused:

Devastation SD 2.90.040

Read with CCD - LTD-163D

Write with FireBurner 2.2 - LTR 40125S

Thanks guys. Looks like the 40x Liteys are ok but the LG CE8160B is iffy.

@ Ochaye
Was the failed attempt with sims Superstar with an original or a copy?

Philamber, the attempt was from the original CD of SIMs Supertstar.

LG 8520B w/ v1.03 and 1.04 firmware —> FAILED :frowning:

ASUS CRW-5224A, firmware 1.35:

Alcohol 120% -> SUCCESS
Blindwrite -> SUCCESS
CCD -> FAILURE (missing pre-gap)

I’m unable to copy safedisc v2.9 I even tried burning at the slowest speed it would allow still no joy. I now have about 15 coasters but I will not bow down to the powers that be I will copy this disc even if it means a new burner.

I use BlindWrite and Alcohol 120% neither will make a copy that will run.

Not allowing to make a back up of software that I paid hard earned money for is a slap in the face.

I’m sure they will not send me a free copy if something were to happen to my retail disc but thier fn hand would be there to take more of my cash.


Yes I’m pissed off, but if there is a will there is a way just have to find it.

what is the reader and writer you used to try this…:cool:

Originally posted by GrandMaster
I’m unable to copy safedisc v2.9 I even tried burning at the slowest speed it would allow still no joy. I now have about 15 coasters but I will not bow down to the powers that be I will copy this disc even if it means a new burner.

Since you’ve got a Lite-on Ltr-24102B, I’m afraid it does mean a new burner if you want to copy sd 2.9.

The Ltr-24102B cannot successfully copy sd 2.9 cds no matter what software you use because it can’t write one of the new weak sector patterns introduced with this latest version of safedisc.

I have posted before about sf 2.9 as BattleField Secret Weapons uses this type of protection and this is the disc I’m trying to copy.
So I guess its off to the store to pick up a new one and since lite-on has been good to me I’m thinking of going with them again. Has anyone had any issues using the new lite-on 52x can and will it burn sf 2.9 I see one says it will so wondering if anyone has not been able to copy sf 2.9, if so please let me know I’ll wait a week before my purchase. Thanks for the info.

I have copied :
unreal tournament 2003
battlefield 1942 and road to rome
postal 2
medal of honour and spearhead

All work great but all are protected with less than sf 2.9 maybe postal 2 might be more but what the f*** it works.

As for software BW & A 120% are both the latest and greatest versions.

firmware as well is newest.

Smoke’m if ya got’m.

If we are having so much trouble (unless we have newer Liteons), I am not looking forward to Safedisc 3.1! I will be holding off any burner purchases until we can work out what will slice through SD 3.1.

Ok I did not wait a week but I have my back up of Secret Weapons now. I purchased a lite-on 52327s updated to newest firmware and it worked just fine. The price was 54 bucks canadain from in vancouver they price matched atic so after making my copy I feel that it has already paid for itself. Thanks to all who posted.

Burn on!