Please post all your 716A/SA problems HERE!

After seeing page after page of 716A/SA problems I demand that 716 users should have a main thread for all their problems because it seems most users of this particular model has the most problems.

Here are some helpful links to get started:

plextor 716a had to many Hardware rev 0000 0101 0202 0304 0406 no one is sure when real problems were repaired. lol I had 0000 then 0101 then later 0202 I’m on fw 1.10 and it works pretty well with good media at rated speed but overspeed on 8x or on many 16x media burns. The right side of scans looks horrible.

Here is 16x test of prodisc R05 set to burn at 16x please note the drive decided to drop back to 8x at 2.5gb then to 6x for last 100mb or so. burn time was 7:48

A few weeks ago one of my two PX-716SA suddenly stopped recognizing all CD/DVD media, blank or burned, even pressed CDs and DVD movies. The self-test diagnostics failed before writing anything to the inserted test disc. The unit was a month away from the warranty expiring, so I RMA’ed it back to Plextor and got a PX-755SA as the replacement.

The other PX-716SA is still working fine. I also have two PX-716A, two PX-712A, one PX-708A, four PlexWriter Premium and two UltraPlex 40max (SCSI) scattered amongst several PCs that are all doing fine, though my usage of these drives have been very light to non-existent lately. All these units have expired warranties, so if any should fail I will be out of luck.

I have just ordered a PX-760A, so you can say I am a Plextor diehard, though my faith in Plextor has definitely been shaken by the unprovoked failure of my PX-716SA as well as the stories posted here in the forum. I have to agree that “they don’t make 'em like they used to”.

My other favorite DVD burner brand is BenQ; I’m very partial to burners with scanning capabilities…

Currently, mine does all the jobs unless I give it the wrong brand of media. It won’t burn the Fujifilm +R and -R (PRODISC-R05-1 and RITEKF1). It does burn the other media I have but at high error rates compared to others I’ve seen here. It is a TLA #0305 version.