Please please help ,windows calls dvd cd drive

i bought a LG external dvd rewriter , i run XP it is supposed to be plug and play , howeverb after setting up my computer names the drive f/ cd drive , why is it calling it a cd drive , needless to say it wont burn or play dvds
anyone got ideas
cheers mike


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In order you can get help, please specify what is your LG external dvd burner, including what firmware version is it using.


Hi zapperredtank and as Gordon Banks said Welcome to CDFreaks, I have moved this thread to the LG DVD Burner Forum. You question may get more attention there.:slight_smile:

Thats what windows shows dvd drives most of the time. Ignore it!!!

I don’t know about that. Never had a DVD drive show up as a CD Drive. I’m runing XP Pro and both my drives are listed as DVD-RW. Right click on my computer > open. :confused:

Insert a CD media and it will change to that in buggy exploDer. :frowning:

i have the same thing with 4167b and all is fine:)no problem with burning/reading dvds

I don’t have an lg but have other burners and that is normal with all of them. Windows just trys to guess what the media is (sometimes incorectlly) rather than tell what kind of drive it actually is. Its perfectlly normal.

This question gets asked a lot. Windows uses the same generic drivers for CD/DVD drives so it sometimes calls a DVD writer a CD drive. This is unfortunately, quite normal behaviour and a rather well known bug in Windows. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with your writer. It will still work fine. I have observed this with both Win2k and WinXP Pro.