Please Please Help Meeeeeee!

Alright I might get bashed on for bieng a newbie, but I’ve been having this problem for a while now and cant figure it out.

I have a Verbatim 40x12x48x CD-RW drive. I installed it and it was working fine, burning at 40x with no problem. Then all of a sudden one day its max speed turned into 12x somehow. I use nero to burn, I have the version 6. I have tried other programs and still nothing. I cant seem to find any verbatim firmware but i hear something about lite on firmware working with it.

please guys help me! thanks !

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Quite possible your problem could be related to your DMA Mode settings. Below is a Forum link that will provide information on ensuring that your DMA Mode settings are correct.

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No, but you might get “bashed on” for rewording your other thread and crossposting it! :doh: It is rude, annoying, and against the CDFreaks Rules that you agreed to when registering your account. :rolleyes:

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i didnt mean to cross post, i was going to delete this post because I posted it in the wrong place. My dma is enabled. how do i check it on my bios?

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