Please Please Help Me

ok im trying to make an audio cd with nero using my personal mp3’s that i have i opened up nero express then i hit music then audio cd addedd my mp3’s and started to burn i kept getting burning errors with every set of mp3’s that i used i know that nero converts the mp3’s to wav. but i have no idea why its not burning the mp3’s.ive also changed the cd’s i ve been using like three times now and still nero gives me write errors one more thing ive also reinstalled nero and still the same thing if anyone can help me please tell me whats going on and also please tell me an alternative program to use insted of nero if nero is the problem.
thanks all…oh yea im using nero express 6 and i have the nero burning rom :bow: :sad:

What kind of burn error you have? Please look inside NeroHistory.log file, which is created during burning and stored in Nero installation folder, for detailed information.
Anyway I’ve to move this postiong to more appropriate forum.

To rule out Nero as being the problem you could try Burrrn which is free( If this also fails then Nero is not the problem. If it succeeds the Nero is a problem.
It’s possible that you’ve not got DMA set on for your burner so check this thread